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E-Scow National Championship 2017 : Carolina Yacht Club

April 27-29, 2018
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Lon Schoor Posted on Mar 29, 2018 11:05 EST
I need a fourth crew for the Charleston E Nationals. Looking for a young person about 150 pounds. My current crew is Soren Hughes (U of WI sailing team) and Kelsea (a recent UW sailing team Grad).

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Bob Leonard Posted on Mar 12, 2018 16:49 EST
Former sailing instructor and collegiate sailor looking to get back into racing. Primary experience has been in the MC class but also experience in other boats including the 420. Most recent experience has been crewing on a J105. Current weight is about 170. 45 years old. Looking forward to a great regatta.

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Theo Dexter Posted on Mar 01, 2018 01:16 EST
Currently planning to be in Charleston for this regatta, but have not yet made flight reservations. Stats: Pewaukee guy who went to Colorado, but still managed to keep sailing and racing on a J-80 at Lake Dillon, Key West twice and 3 Texas circuit regattas over the years. Plenty of experience launching, gybing and dousing asymmetrical kites. LOVE to hike out on E scows, especially with eyes a foot off the water surface at speed. Age 62, wt 185lbs, attitude psyched! Looking to: fill in for absent crew(more jib experience than asymm. kite flying), 4th, practice race on the 26th, race committee, basically anything to be involved and not just a spectator. Got the idea to use an expiring plane ticket for this regatta from my BFF the Buckeroo. I am also a shameless name dropper. Also of importance... I'm a drinker but not a drunk.

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