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SYSCO 2017 Race & Cruise to St. Helen's
August 26 - 27, 2017

Current Information
Green Light
All races are proceeding as scheduled.

All – SYSCO is looking forward to hosting the St. Helen’s Race Cruise this Saturday and Sunday. Looks like good winds for Saturdays race and we’ll see what happens on Sunday. The pertinent facts are: 1. Have fun. 2. Start will be around 11:15 am between the RC boat and the Day Mark #39 on the Columbia River west of the RR bridge. 3. There will be only one start. 4. You need to record your own time of finish which is a line extending due East from Warrior Rock. 5. Every boat finishing Saturday will be awarded 2 commemorative SYSCO beer glasses. 6. All Boats are Level sailing in divisions. 7. Bragging rights will depend on how you finish in your division. The Fleet Divisions are as follows: HOUSE TARGARYEN Paula Jean, Sunrise, Wait for It.., Sooz Moose, Togarty, Max Epr, Local Motion, Gilded Lady; HOUSE STARK Nelly, Kestrel, Runaway, Nausicaa, OB1; HOUSE BARATHEON Geronimo, Wildfire, Velocity, Stray Currents, Yeah baby, Blur; HOUSE LANISTER Junovia, Vaporware, La Dolce Vota, Upstart, Second Half, Fresh Air, River Weasel; DOTHRAKI HORDE Wild Goose, Bonus Time, Molika, Murphey’s Law, Air Fair Additional info: Come join us for the fun race and cruise event on the Columbia River on Saturday and Sunday, August 26 and 27. It is a casual weekend race to St. Helens on Saturday and cruise back on Sunday. The St. Helens Race and Cruise is open to all SYSCO members and their guests. There will be one start for all fleets at around 11:15 am. Saturday the start will be near day mark “39,” a green navigational aid west of the Burlington Northern Railroad Bridge. The finish will be a line extending due East from Warrior Rock. Sunday the start may constitute any act necessary to arise from the previous evening’s revelries. Sunday’s finish may constitute any path of least resistance to home moorage, if such path conforms to natural and navigational law. Saturday there will be a level finish for all boats. Boats may be placed in different Fleets depending on the registration and the known characteristics of the boats and crew. Fleet Divisions will be noted in the Notice Board 24 hr. before the start. Skippers will be expected to note their finish time and position relative to others and report such information to the Race Committee. All boats are expected to complete Saturday’s race by 1730 hours. Boats finishing after the prescribed time limit may risk forfeiture of a commemorative participation award. Boats at risk of not completing the race on a timely basis are encouraged to exonerate themselves by retiring from racing, and then motoring, cajoling, ooching, and wheezing to the finish. Boats exonerated in such a manner will be scored as finishing. Protests are emphatically discouraged. Skippers are encouraged to settle alleged infringements of the racing rules in a Corinthian spirit; peacefully, amicably, and privately. Every boat finishing on Saturday will be awarded two commemorative SYSCO beer glasses. Awards will be distributed at the St. Helens public dock. Boats not finishing may be awarded trophies only upon their skipper’s invention and delivery of a preposterous excuse to the Race Committee. Additional beer glasses will be available for purchase. Race results will become evident upon the recitation of tall stories, hyperbole, braggadocio, and similar swaggered utterances of the racing participants as is customary with this event. Particularly effusive and colorful commentary may be recorded for inclusion in the Club’s Newsletter.
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