2017 U.S. Youth Sailing Championship - 29er
Corpus Christi Yacht Club | June 24-28, 2017

29er (18 boats)

Race 10
Race Information: Start Date/Time = June 24, 2017 00:00:00
PosSail SkipperCrewClubPenalty Pts
12633Robert Shelley Severin Gramm 2Ninner skiff squad/ 2Niner Skiff Squad Miami /0.00 1
22185Harry Melges Finn Rowe Lake Geneva Yacht Club/ BMSC/ Lake Geneva Yacht Club /0.00 2
32311David Eastwood Samuel Merson Santa Barbara Yacht Club/ Mission Bay Yacht Club /0.00 3
42410Catherine Lindsay Jana Laurendeau 2Niner Skiff Squad/ 2Niner skiff squad /0.00 4
52296Charlie Hibben CJ McKenna Wianno Yacht Club/ West Dennis /0.00 5
6240Berta Puig Charlotte Mack 2NINER/ 2NINER/ Coral Reef Yacht Club /0.00 6
76Hayden Earl Nicholas Hardy Stage Harbor Yacht Club/ New Bedford Yacht Club /0.00 7
81473Talia Toland Cate Mollerus Seattle Yacht Club/Royal Vancouver Yacht Club/ Larchmont YC /0.00 8
92002Dawson Kohl Atlee Kohl St. Croix Yacht Club/ St. Croix Yacht Club /0.00 9
102449Peter Joslin Jack Joslin San Diego Yacht Club/ San Diego Yacht Club /0.00 10
112600Isabella (Bella)* Casaretto Ashton Borcherding Lauderdale Yacht Club/ 2NINER Squad/ Belle Haven Yacht Club /0.00 11
121270Ben Rosenberg Griffin Spinney East Greenwich Yacht Club/ Ida Lewis Yacht Club /0.00 12
13250Connor Macken Jack Fisher Barrington Yacht Club/ New York Yacht Club /0.00 13
14526Blaire McCarthy Callista Hopkins St. Petersburg Yacht Club/ St. Petersburg yacht club /0.00 14
15720Teddy Nicolosi Ethan Hanley St. Thomas Yacht Club/ St. Croix Yacht Club /0.00 15
161097AnaClare Sole Camille White Texas Corinthian Yacht Club/ Annapolis Yacht Club /0.00 16
171995Lars von Sydow Aaron Tsuchitori Hawaii Kai Boat Club/ Hawaii Kai Boat Club/ Sailing Anarchy Yacht Club /0.00 17
182251Neil Marcellini Ian Brill Richmond Yacht Club/ Mission Bay Yacht Club OCS/0.00 19

Race Information: Start Date/Time = June 24, 2017 00:00:00,

Information is provisional and subject to modification

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