2011-2012 So-Cal Opti Series

Opti (22 boats)

Race 46 | April 22, 2012
Race Information: Start Date/Time = April 22, 2012 00:00:00
PosSail SkipperClubPenalty Pts
110202Gavin McJones (G) CBYC /0.001
213313Cameron Feves CBYC /0.002
318025David Ryan Eastwood SBYC /0.003
419622Katelon Egan SBYC /0.004
517734Annika Fedde VYC /0.005
6Siena Okuno KHYC /0.006
717096Matty Matich CBYC /0.007
8Cole Chiverton KHYF /0.008
917123Caden Scheiblauer SBYSF /0.009
1018371Julia Rychlik DYRC /0.0010
11Drea Keswater KHYC /0.0011
12Calvin Tiernan KHYC /0.0012
13Daniel Cervantes KHYC DNC/0.0023
14khyc1Peter Neal p KHYC DNC/0.0023
159Daniel Belton KHYC DNC/0.0023
16Andrew Neal A KHYC DNC/0.0023
171221Shenara Brewer SBYC DNC/0.0023
1814099Jessica McJones J CalYC/CBYC DNC/0.0023
1914860Andrew Monroe MBYC DNC/0.0023
2017145Lucas Pierce L SBYC DNC/0.0023
2117152Matthew Pierce M SBYC DNC/0.0023
2218192Frankie Dair CalYC DNC/0.0023

Race Information: Start Date/Time = April 22, 2012 00:00:00,

Information is provisional and subject to modification

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