23rd Annual Harvest Moon Regattaź
Lakewood Yacht Club | October 01-December 31, 1969

Series Standing - 1 race scored

Information is provisional and subject to modification
Regatta results last updated: Sunday, October 04, 2009 4:35:08 PM CDT
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Division: HUN (14 boats) Pos,Sail, Boat, Skipper, Yacht Club, Results, Total Points
1. 101, Frayed Knot, Ted Greak[E][HUN], Lakewood YC, 1- ; 1   
2. 191, Renaissance, Jim Hall/Mark Miller
Jerry Sparks
James Mason
Kenny Bartosh
Richard Collier
Jim Hall[E][TMCA][HUN], Lakewood Yacht Club, 10- ; 10   
3. 281, Solstice, Ed Brauer/Ed Brauer
Tom Fitzpatrick
Peggy Fitzpatrick
John Urbaneck
Steve Williams[C][HUN], LYC, 12- ; 12   
4. 106A, Wandering Star, Thomas Sherrill Jr[C][TMCA][HUN], GBCA, TMCA, 19- ; 19   
5. 777A, Aero Sails, Michael Wilkinson/Michael Wilkinson
Howard Martin
Kurtis Martin
Rob Runnels
Larry Kousal
Dave Allen[C][HUN], LYC, 20- ; 20   
6. 114, Their Tuition 3, Mark Sickafoose/Shane Stafford
Bill Auffenberg
Bill Feretti
Steve Cooper
John Newsome
Dylan Seff[A][HUN], none, 47/DNC- ; 47T   
6. 51371, Waypoint, Mike Janota[E][HUN], Galveston Yacht Club, 47/DNF- ; 47T   
6. 420, Indulgence, Bruce Urband/Susan Urband
William Hensley
Larry Harris[E][TMCA][HUN], TMCA, 47/DNF- ; 47T   
6. 41, Semper Fi, Joseph Beck/Jim Beck
Ruelle Parker
Kenneth Hund
Jim Robinson[C][HUN], Port Arthur Yacht Club, 47/DNF- ; 47T   
6. 45A, Tarah Shell, Hal Hicks/Neola Brown
Michelle Hicks
David Brown
Joe Robinson[C][HUN], Waterford Harbor, 47/DNF- ; 47T   
6. 56A, Water's Edge, Robert Riggs/Beverly Riggs
Robert Riggs
Gloria Rooney
Dick Caswell
Sammie Caswell
Ray Cook[E][TMCA][HUN], Texas Mariners Cruising Assoc., 47/DNF- ; 47T   
6. 233, Harmony, South Coast Sailing Adventures-Ralph La[E][HUN], South Coast Sailing, 47/DNF- ; 47T   
6. 3, Lontano Mare, Larry Litton[E][HUN], none, 47/DNF- ; 47T   
6. 101A, Reliance, Daniel Knierien/Jerry Leblanc
Jeff Cunkleman
Craig Messer
Dick Jennings
Mark Dielh
Laurie Dielh[C][HUN], Nautic Yacht Club, 47/DNF- ; 47T   

Scoring System is RRS Low Point 2013-2016

- Finishes in [brackets] denote throwouts
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Information is provisional and subject to modification

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