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2016 U.S. Youth Sailing Championship Application- International 420
US Sailing

January 29-March 15, 2016
48 people have registered for this event

International 420 Boys
    Skipper Status Crew Fleet Yacht Club
1. Alex Abate Accepted Robbie Nicholls International 420 Boys Texas Corinthian Yatch Club
2. Austin Ando Accepted Cameron Gise International 420 Boys Austin Ando
3. Dylan Ascencios Hunter Skinner International 420 Boys Lakewood Yacht Club/ LISOT
4. Trevor Bornarth Accepted Chris Kiener International 420 Boys US Sailing Center Martin County/ LIMA
5. Henry BURNES Accepted Peter Barron International 420 Boys Wianno Yacht Club
6. Eli Burnes Accepted J. Noble Reynoso International 420 Boys Wianno Yacht Club/LISOT
7. Timothy DANILEK Accepted Pierce Ornstein International 420 Boys Noroton Yacht Club
8. Kyle Dochoda Accepted George Sidamon-Eristoff International 420 Boys St. Petersburg Yacht Club/ LISOT
9. Sam Gavula Accepted Gavin Meese International 420 Boys Bay Head Yacht Club
10. Cole Harris Abraham Dearden International 420 Boys San Diego Yacht Club
11. Shawn Harvey Accepted James Westerberg International 420 Boys Coral Reef Yacht Club/LISOT
12. Joseph Hermus Accepted Reese Guerriero International 420 Boys Bellport bay yacht club
13. Jack Johansson Accepted Rhett Ullmann International 420 Boys CORAL REEF YACHT CLUB
14. Matt Logue Cameron Giblin International 420 Boys Riverside Yacht Club / Coral Reef Yacht Club
15. Eduardo Mintzias Accepted Declan McGranahan International 420 Boys Long Island Mid Atlantic Sailing Team /Coral Reef Yacht Club
16. James Paul Accepted Nick Chisari International 420 Boys Stamford Yacht Club/ LISOT
17. Jack Reiter Kenneth Moats International 420 Boys San Diego Yacht Club
18. Thomas Rice Accepted Walter Henry International 420 Boys Seawanhaka Corinthian Yacht Club / Long Island Mid Atlantic Sailing Team
19. Wiley Rogers Accepted Jack Parkin International 420 Boys Texas Corinthian Yacht Club/Lakewood Yacht Club
20. Ryan Vittimberga Accepted Max Vittimberga International 420 Boys Coral Reef YC/Lauderdale YC/New Bedford YC

International 420 Girls
    Skipper Status Crew Fleet Yacht Club
1. Anna-Luisa Brakman Accepted Grace Austin International 420 Girls LISOT/Noroton Yacht Club
2. Carmen Cowles Accepted Emma Cowles International 420 Girls LISOT/Larchmont Yacht Club
3. Dana Haig Accepted Ashley Dart International 420 Girls Little Egg Harbor Yacht Club
4. Kathryn Hall Accepted Ashton Borcherding International 420 Girls LISOT/Belle Haven Yacht Club
5. Julia Johansson Accepted Isabella Farina International 420 Girls Coral Reef Yacht Club
6. Emma Kaneti Accepted Catherine Lindsay International 420 Girls Larchmont Yacht Club
7. Michelle Lahrkamp Accepted Gabriella DelBello International 420 Girls American Yacht Club
8. Amanda Majernik Accepted Tanner Chapko International 420 Girls San Diego Yacht Club
9. Alexandra Mares Ciara Rodriguez-Horan International 420 Girls Houston Yacht Club
10. Julia Reynolds Accepted Anne Sidamon-Eristoff International 420 Girls Pequot Yacht Club/LISOT
11. Madeleine Rice Accepted Ariel Casaretto International 420 Girls Seawanhaka Corinthian Yacht Club / Long Island Mid Atlantic
12. AnaClare Sole Sophia Sole International 420 Girls Texas Corinthian Yacht Club
13. Payton Thompson Accepted Victoria Thompson International 420 Girls Newport Harbor Yacht Club/LISOT
14. Grace Yakutis Emma Batcher International 420 Girls Coronado Yacht Club

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