Registrants For
2017 29er Midwinters East

March 17-19, 2017
21 people have registered for this event

    Skipper/Crew Bow# / Sail# Class Division Hometown Country Payment
1. Rocco Falcone
Louis Bavay
2300 29er, Falmouth Harbour, Falmouth ANT ANT
2. Mark McCutcheon
Aidan Chiu
CAN2073 29er, Toronto, ON CAN CAN
3. Galen Richardson
Cameron Shaw
2592 29er, Toronto, ON CAN CAN
4. Sophie Heldman
Ashley Ferreira
856 29er, Toronto, ON CAN CAN
5. William Bonin
Samuel Bonin
7 29er, Toronto, Ontario CAN CAN
6. Morgan Kittson
Adrianna Baird
OMA 1 29er, Beaconsfield, QC CAN CAN
7. Cameron Baird
Alec Baird
ARG 1 29er, Beaconsfield, Quebec CAN CAN
8. Georgia Stein
Louis Riel-Brockie
2452 29er, Toronto, ON CAN CAN
9. ZoƩ Roosen
AJ Boucher
NZL 1 29er, Beaconsfield, QC CAN CAN
10. Max Kohar

659 29er, Toronto, Ontario CAN CAN
11. Sam Bradley
Jake Adair
1846 29er, Kingston, ON CAN CAN
12. Teddy Nicolosi
Rian Bareuther
ISV 720 29er, St Thomas, VI ISV ISV
13. Catherine Lindsay

104 29er, North Palm Beach, FL USA USA
14. Bella Casaretto
Ashton Borcherding
2404 29er, Fort Lauderdale, FL USA
15. Ripley Shelley
Severin Gramm
1418 29er, Miami, FL USA
16. Charlie HIBBEN
Chase Sabadash
2296 29er, Concord, Massachusetts USA USA
17. Blaire McCarthy
Callista Hopkins
526 29er, Saint Petersburg, FL USA USA
18. Ivan Shestopalov
Sebastian Clark
1473 29er, Miami, FL USA USA
19. Berta Puig
Charlotte Mack
240 29er, Key Biscayne, FL USA USA
20. Shane Riera
Ben Kern
1844 29er, Miami, FL USA USA
21. Libby Redmond

445 29er, Parkland, FL USA USA

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