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2017 U.S. Youth Sailing Championship Application- 29er
US Sailing

January 15-March 15, 2017
22 people have registered for this event

29er Boys
    Skipper Status Crew Fleet Yacht Club
1. Hayden Earl Accepted Nicholas Hardy 29er Boys New York Yacht Club
2. David Eastwood Accepted Sam Merson 29er Boys Santa Barbara Yacht Club
3. Charlie HIBBEN Accepted CJ McKenna 29er Boys Wianno Yacht Club
4. Peter Joslin Accepted Jack Joslin 29er Boys SDYC
5. Dawson Kohl Accepted Atlee Kohl 29er Boys St. Croix Yacht Club / Royal Cork Yacht Club
6. Connor Macken Accepted Jack Fisher 29er Boys Barrington Yacht Club
7. Neil Marcellini Accepted Ian Brill 29er Boys Richmond Yacht Club
8. Harry Melges Accepted Finn Rowe 29er Boys Lake Geneva Yacht Club
9. Teddy Nicolosi Accepted Ethan Hanley 29er Boys St. Thomas Yacht Club
10. Shane Riera Accepted Ben Kern 29er Boys Coral Reef Yacht Club, 2Niner, 305 Skiff Team
11. Ben Rosenberg Accepted Griffin Spinney 29er Boys East Greenwich Yacht Club
12. Robert Shelley Accepted Severin Gramm 29er Boys 2niner Squad CRYC
13. Jack Sutter Accepted Will Glasson 29er Boys St Francis Yacht Club/Richmond Yacht Club
14. Lars von Sydow Accepted Aaron Tsuchitori 29er Boys Hawaii Kai Boat Club

29er Girls
    Skipper Status Crew Fleet Yacht Club
1. Bella Casaretto Accepted Ashton Borcherding 29er Girls Lauderdale Yacht Club/ 2Niner Skiff Squad
2. Catherine "B" Lindsay Accepted Jana Laurendeau 29er Girls 2niner Skiff Squad
3. Blaire McCarthy Accepted Callista Hopkins 29er Girls St. Petersburg Yacht Club
4. Berta Puig Accepted Charlotte Mack 29er Girls 2NINER
5. AnaClare Sole Accepted Camille White 29er Girls Texas Corinthian Yacht Club
6. Talia Toland Accepted Catherine Mollerus 29er Girls Seattle Yacht Club/Royal Vancouver Yacht Club

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