Registrants For
2017 Laser Masters North American Championships
Buffalo Canoe Club

August 25-27, 2017
83 people have registered for this event

    Skipper/Crew Bow# / Sail# Class Division Hometown Country Payment
1. Patrick Wachholz

204462 Laser, [Master] Innisfil, ON CAN
2. Ray Davies

166906 Laser, [Master] Toronto, Ontario CAN
3. Randy McMeekin

200218 Laser, [Master] Toronto, ON CAN
4. Chris van Rossem

199978 Laser, [Master] Toronto, ON CAN
5. John Brooman

200180 Laser, [Master] Ottawa, ON CAN
6. Andy Roy

210677 Laser, [Grand Master] Peterborough, ON CAN
7. Joe van Rossem

66637 Laser, [Great Grand Master] Ajax, ON CAN
8. Hank Wissenz

120876 Laser, [Grand Master] Crystal Beach, ON CAN
9. Richard Sewards

187783 Laser, [Grand Master] Newmarket, ON CAN
10. Keith Kennedy

209626 Laser, [Great Grand Master] Ottawa, ON CAN

199330 Laser, [Grand Master] Kincardine, ON CAN
12. Rich Klajnscek

210199 Laser, [Grand Master] Hamilton, ON CAN
13. Christopher Klotz

209666 Laser, [Master] Ottawa, ON CAN
14. philippe Dormoy

160929 Laser, [Grand Master] Montreal, QC CAN
15. Bruce Clifford

208840 Laser, [Grand Master] Bolton, Ontario CAN

200198 Laser, [Apprentice Master] Brantford, ON CAN
17. Dave Wells

193348 Laser, [Master] Rothesay, NB CAN
18. Scott Salter

197121 Laser, [Master] tecumseh, ON CAN
19. Steve Phillips

209076 Laser, [Master] Oakville, ON CAN

210655 Laser, [Grand Master] Ottawa, ON CAN
21. Ken Walton

173941 Laser, [Apprentice Master] Toronto, ON CAN
22. Bill McKenzie

173996 Laser, [Great Grand Master] severn, On CAN
23. Francis Lavallee

181821 Laser, [Master] Toronto, ON CAN
24. Michael Hicks

208837 Laser, [Grand Master] London, England GBR
25. Chris Ellyatt

210671 Laser, [Master] London, England GBR
26. Tim Law

195867 Laser, [Grand Master] Salcombe, England GBR

194228 Laser, [Grand Master] Newport, RI USA
28. Peter Vessella

210544 Laser, [Grand Master] Miami, FL USA
29. michael Parramore

209702 Laser, [Grand Master] Edgewater, MD USA
30. Adam Glass

178857 Laser, [Grand Master] Bethesda, MD USA
31. James Jacob

175881 Laser, [Grand Master] Alexandria, VA USA
32. Steven Kirkpatrick

207218 Laser, [Master] Portsmouth, RI USA
33. Wayne Knibloe

165950 Laser, [Great Grand Master] Buffalo, NY USA
34. Jeff Beckwith

199804 Laser, [Master] Southport, CT USA
35. Niclas Bornling

210102 Laser, [Master] East Aurora, NY USA
36. Matt Fisher

212432 Laser, [Grand Master] Westerville, OH USA
37. paul wurtzebach

175529 Laser, [Great Grand Master] Woodridge, IL USA
38. Mike Hecky

209724 Laser, [Grand Master] Ewing, NJ USA
39. Luke Shingledecker

198025 Laser, [Apprentice Master] Severna Park, MD USA
40. Peter Hurley

209289 Laser, [Master] New York, NY USA
41. Peter Shope

212128 Laser, [Grand Master] Oakland, CA USA
42. Joe Hidalgo

201214 Laser, [Grand Master] Harwood, MD USA
43. David Hiebert

187687 Laser, [Master] Jupiter, FL USA
44. Roman Plutenko

203609 Laser, [Master] Arlington Heights, IL USA
45. David Starck

194015 Laser, [Master] Buffalo, NY USA
46. john swanson

172114 Laser, [Master] Buffalo, NY USA
47. Jno Disch

212926 Laser, [Apprentice Master] Cleveland, OH USA
48. Joe Folds

204095 Laser, [Master] Haverford, PA USA
49. Dave Chapin

195649 Laser, [Grand Master] Winter Springs, FL USA
50. ernesto Rodriguez

207143 Laser, [Master] Hialeah, FL USA
51. Britt Hughes

209073 Laser, [Grand Master] Stratford, CT USA
52. Don Hahl

210631 Laser, [Great Grand Master] Littleton, CO USA
53. David Frazier

161100 Laser, [Great Grand Master] Granby, CT USA

191498 Laser, [Great Grand Master] Richmond, VA USA
55. Jonathan Phillips

207153 Laser, [Master] Annapolis, MD USA
56. Daniel Neri

210335 Laser, [Grand Master] Jamestown, RI USA
57. Scott Williamson

212611 Laser, [Apprentice Master] Pasadena, MD USA
58. Rick Hayden

156838 Laser, [Grand Master] East Aurora, NY USA
59. Michael Huffman

177675 Laser, [Grand Master] Burlington, VT USA
60. Brad Dunn

179134 Laser, [Master] Saugerties, NY USA

Laser Radial
    Skipper/Crew Bow# / Sail# Class Division Hometown Country Payment
1. Duncan Whitrow

182587 Laser Radial, [Apprentice Master] Ottawa, ON CAN
2. Nigel Heath

200133 Laser Radial, [Master] Toronto, ON CAN
3. Ryan Bennett

139027 Laser Radial, [Apprentice Master] Windsor, ON CAN
4. Ian Robertson

196088 Laser Radial, [Great Grand Master] Grimsby, ON CAN
5. Michael Couture

188125 Laser Radial, [Grand Master] Winnipeg, MB CAN
6. Denys Deschambeault

201240 Laser Radial, [Great Grand Master] Trois-Rivières, QC CAN
7. Joanna Iwanicki

174998 Laser Radial, [Master] Port Colborne, ON CAN
8. Richard Roberts

174013 Laser Radial, [Grand Master] Fenelon Falls, ON CAN
9. Mark Stuhlmiller

160215 Laser Radial, [Apprentice Master] Williamsville, NY USA
10. Peter Seidenberg

189811 Laser Radial, [Great Grand Master] Portsmouth, RI USA
11. Jacques Kerrest

174236 Laser Radial, [Great Grand Master] McLean, VA USA
12. monica wilson

206154 Laser Radial, [Master] Jensen Beach, FL USA
13. Dorian Haldeman

203955 Laser Radial, [Apprentice Master] Annapolis, MD USA
14. Bob Tan

196023 Laser Radial, [Grand Master] Perryville, MD USA
15. Lindsay Hewitt

211640 Laser Radial, [Great Grand Master] Cold Spring Harbor, NY USA
16. Steven Cofer

180536 Laser Radial, [Great Grand Master] Davidsonville, MD USA
17. Jeffrey Moore

191967 Laser Radial, [Master] Solomons, MD USA
18. Kim Couranz

194577 Laser Radial, [Master] Annapolis, MD USA
19. Christine Potts

186519 Laser Radial, [Apprentice Master] Bethesda, MD USA
20. Judith Krimski

191464 Laser Radial, [Grand Master] Quincy, MA USA
21. Chad Coberly

212607 Laser Radial, [Master] East Grand Rapids, MI USA
22. Christine Neville

162427 Laser Radial, [Apprentice Master] Oakland, CA USA
23. Leigh Savage

185917 Laser Radial, [Grand Master] Mount Clemens, MI USA

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