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31st Annual Lakewood Yacht Club Harvest Moon Regatta

October 05-08, 2017
56 people have registered for this event

    Name Boat Name * Skipper last name (Please verify correct spelling with your skipper)*
1. Mary Facker 2819087624 Matt Parker
2. Ryan Shaw Athena Swanson
3. Nicholas Stepp Breezing Up Howze
4. Jeannette Dixon Breezing Up Howze
6. Dick Huber Cimboco Pierce
7. John McEntire Encore Sawnie McEntire
9. Jim Garity Endless Summer Geis
10. Richard Dubois Endless Summer Geis
11. John Dorsett endless summer Geis
12. jon-scott Dorsett endless summer geis
13. Fred Facker Escondida Parker
14. Carla Cardini Escondida Parker
15. Reinhard Walter figaro wittich
16. Christopher Dees Figaro Wittich
17. Rick Baxter Figaro2 Wittich
18. Alex Turner Force Majeure Lehman
19. Tyler Szwarc Force Majeure Lehman
20. James Branson Knot Guilty Scardino
21. Wylie Gause LongHawk Crowder
22. Thomas Sims Longhawk Crowder
23. Monika Trieb Mischief Welch, Nancy
24. Lisa "Cookie" Johnson Mischief Welch
25. Andrew Bahr My Assis Dragon II Culver
26. Larry Sallee My Assis Dragon II Kevin Culver
27. Michael Morgan Myassis Dragon II Kevin Culver
28. Billy Heirendt MyAssis Dragon II Culver
29. Cheryl Wyers Neon Moon Wyers
30. Michael McGuire Paradise Calhoun
32. Patrick Hollabaugh Paradise Calhoun
33. Howard Webb Paradise Calhoun
34. Steve Raye Paradise Webb
35. Michael Pilgrim Paradise Calhoun
36. Steven Everson Paradise Howard Webb
37. Todd Johnson Pura Vida Smith
38. Austin Johnson Pura Vida Smith
39. Kelly Soich Royal Crescent Bon Crosby
40. Arthur Cayer Royal Crescent Crosby
41. Colton Sheets Royal Crescent Bob Crosby
42. Steve LeMay Second Star Hill
43. John Allison Shell Seaker Glascock
44. Alex Wright Shell Seaker Glascock
45. Brett Glascock Shell Seaker Glascock
46. Mark Grabowski Shell Seeker Glascock
47. Greg Carver Shiraz Michael Wilkinson
48. Michael Sprague Shiraz Michael Wilkinson
49. Frank Smith Shiraz Michael Wilkinson
50. Richard Davis Shiraz Wilkinson
51. Peter Doncaster Shiraz Michael Wilkinson
52. Enid Reyes Soap Opera Malak
53. Tony Chiesa Soap Opera Malak
54. Shawn Pautz Soap Opera Malak
55. Ed Novess Sunshine Hippie Brown
56. Jason Glascock Wind Swept David Glascock

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