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SYC Chili Midwinter Series 2017-2018
Sausalito Yacht Club

November 05-March 04, 2018
33 people have registered for this event

Non-Spinnaker D
    Skipper Boat Name Bow#/Sail# Class Hometown Yacht Club Payment
1. John Squire

Andiamo 2168 Non-Spinnaker D
Los Altos, CA SYC
2. Tim Bussiek

Califia 67074 Non-Spinnaker D
Belmont, CA SSS
3. Dave Borton
David Borton

French Kiss 28713 Non-Spinnaker D
San Rafael, California SYC
4. Scott Lamson

Mamaluc 265 Non-Spinnaker D
Novato, CA Sausalito Yacht Club
5. James Pursley

Pazzo Vento 139 Non-Spinnaker D
San Rafael, CA PYC
6. Ron Anderson

Streaker 469 Non-Spinnaker D
Novato, CA SFYC

Non-Spinnaker E
    Skipper Boat Name Bow#/Sail# Class Hometown Yacht Club Payment
1. Josh Dvorson

Homeslice (f.k.a. Homus) 4300 Non-Spinnaker E
Sausalito, CA Sausalito Cruising Club
2. Sally Clapper Lauman
Ted Goldbeck

Just Em 1234 Non-Spinnaker E
Sausalito, CA SYC
3. martin koffel
Sue Koffel

Kookaburra 3 Non-Spinnaker E
San Francisco, CA SFYC
4. Randy Grenier

La Mer 1220 Non-Spinnaker E
Mill Valley, CA Randy Grenier
5. Jim Snow

Raccoon 8008 Non-Spinnaker E
Fairfax, CA Cyc

Spinnaker A
    Skipper Boat Name Bow#/Sail# Class Hometown Yacht Club Payment
1. Stephan Sonnenschein
Ron Burtnett

Allegro 56657 Spinnaker A
Sausalito, CA SYC
2. Greg Demetrulias

Argo 46933 Spinnaker A
San Rafael, CA PYC
3. Aya Yamanouchi

Benny 79169 Spinnaker A
San Francisco, CA StFYC
4. Gary Panariello
Ryan Simmons

Courageous 77 Spinnaker A
Sausalito, CA Sausalito YC
5. Nick Sands

Escapade 38011 Spinnaker A
Sausalito, CA Sausalito Yacht Club
6. Dana Sack

Hazardous Waste USA 388 Spinnaker A
*, * St. Francis Yacht Club
7. Jeremy Moncada
Richard Craig

Juno 20 Spinnaker A
Novato, CA SSS
8. Don Wieneke

Lulu 400 Spinnaker A
Sausalito, CA SFYC
9. steve Hocking
Steve (Dean) Hocking/Marika Hocking

Ohana 38023 Spinnaker A
San Rafael, CA syc
10. glenn Isaacson
glenn Isaacson

Q 28901 Spinnaker A
Belvedere, CA SFYC
11. rich Lauman
Bill Stucky

SheLovesIt 183 Spinnaker A
Sausalito, CA CYC
12. Robert Braid

Willow 38300 Spinnaker A
Sausalito, CA Sausalito YC

Spinnaker C
    Skipper Boat Name Bow#/Sail# Class Hometown Yacht Club Payment
1. Frederick Feied

Azyxxi 51965 Spinnaker C
Berkeley, CA Berkeley YC
2. Jennifer Canestra

Boomer 676 Spinnaker C
Greenbrae, CA CYC
3. Joel Turmel

Firefly 64 Spinnaker C
San Rafael, CA RYC
4. Rich Korman

JR 76 Spinnaker C
Sausalito, CA CYC
5. Mark Kamen

Makani 278 Spinnaker C
Rio Vista, CA SYC
6. Jennifer Hinkel
Resilience Racing Team

MAVI I.14 Spinnaker C
Incline Village, NV Presidio Yacht Club
7. Pat Broderick

Nancy 28890 Spinnaker C
Santa Rosa, CA SSS
8. Jan Hirsch
Jan Hirsch

Sweet Pea 195 Spinnaker C
San Francisco, CA SSS
9. Ron Young

Youngster 82 Spinnaker C
Mill Valley, CA SFYC
10. Stephan Sonnenschein
Leigh Hunt

Zara 144 Spinnaker C
Larkspur, CA Stephan Sonnenschein

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