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2018 Sarasota VX One Winter Series

January 13-February 04, 2018
17 people have registered for this event

Feb. 3 - 4 VX One Winter Series Stop #2
    Skipper/Crew Bow# / Sail# Class Hometown Country Payment
1. Paul Murphy 103 Duplicates, Annapolis, MD USA USA
2. John Zelli 140 VX One, Cleveland, OH USA USA
3. christian koppernaes 153 VX One, Beaufort, SC USA USA
4. Doug Petter 169 VX One, Holland, Mi USA USA
5. Jeff Eiber 175 VX One, Cleveland, Ohio USA USA
6. Justin Quigg 176 VX One, Toronto, ON CAN CAN
7. John Potter 187 VX One, Savannah, GA USA USA
8. Sam Padnos 188 VX One, Holland, MI USA USA
9. Christian Jensen 198 Duplicates, Annapolis, MD USA USA
10. Cesar Roca 201 VX One, Spanish Fort, AL USA USA
11. Jerry Callahan US 205 VX One, Sullivan's Island, SC USA USA
12. Kevin Gillman USA213 VX One, Madison, CT USA USA
13. Paul Currie Can222 VX One, Toronto, ON CAN CAN
14. John Arendshorst 230 VX One, Holland, MI USA USA
15. Ian Maccini 240 VX One, Jamestown, RI USA USA
16. Jim Pearson CAN241 VX One, Wheatley, ON CAN CAN
17. Brian Mcewing 1060 VX One, Woodbine, NJ USA USA
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