Registrants For
Portsmouth Folly
Balboa Yacht Club

December 09, 2017
17 people have registered for this event

    Skipper Boat Name Bow#/Sail# Class Hometown Yacht Club Payment
1. Don Logan

Kaizen USA 1488 Centerboard/Leeboard
Newport Beach, CA CRA - NHYC
2. Rob Vandervort

My B Castillo 173182 Centerboard/Leeboard
Newport Beach, CA Balboa Yacht Club
3. Chuck Simmons

001 Centerboard/Leeboard
Costa Mesa, CA Balboa
4. Alan Andrews

32174 Centerboard/Leeboard
Corona Del Mar, CA Balboa YC
5. Paul Ogier

Inigo Montoya 6157 Centerboard/Leeboard
Aliso Viejo, CA BYC
6. Kelsea / Sophia Cook / Mulvany

Giggling Gaga's ???? Centerboard/Leeboard
*, * BYC
7. Gator Cook

Big Boy 194072 Centerboard/Leeboard
Costa Mesa, CA BYC
8. Lynn Acosta

Chameleon 8393 Centerboard/Leeboard
San Clemente, CA DPYC
9. Molly Lynch

Mollywog 3215 Centerboard/Leeboard
Corona delMar, CA Balboa
10. Susan Jennnings

Sea Dragon 9609 Centerboard/Leeboard
Corona del Mar, CA NHYC
11. Karen Luttrell

Baula 7947 Centerboard/Leeboard
Irvine, CA BYC
12. Rich Luttrell

Crutch 159810 Centerboard/Leeboard
Irvine, CA BYC
13. Elaine Linhoff

Cora Marie 8569 Centerboard/Leeboard
Irvine, CA Karen Luttrell

    Skipper Boat Name Bow#/Sail# Class Hometown Yacht Club Payment
1. Kathryn Reed

Wood in it be Nice 359 Keelboat
Seal Beach, CA Alamitos Bay Yacht Club
2. Tucker Cheadle

Summer Dream 168 Keelboat
Newport Coast, CA UCISA
3. Bayley Davidson

TBD Keelboat
Costa Mesa, CA BYC
4. Alex Steele

32 Keelboat
COSTA MESA, ca Balboa

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