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Nacra 15 Midwinters East Sponsored by Forward WIP and Red Gear Racing
Red Gear Racing and Clearwater Community Sailing Center

January 01-04, 2018
15 people have registered for this event

Nacra 15
    Skipper Sail Boat Name Fleet Yacht Club Notes
1. Sebastian Fuenzalida
Christy Charbonnet
012 Nacra 15 Club de Yates Algarrobo
Southern Yacht Club
2. Jake Mayol
Sidney Charbonnet
013 Nacra 15 Bahia Corinthian Yacht Club
Southern Yacht Club
3. Jagan Subbiah
Noah Lyons
017 Nacra 15 Sequoia Yacht Club
4. Jack Sutter
Charlotte Versavel
062 Nacra 15 St Francis Yacht Club/Richmond Yacht Club
St Francis Yacht Club/Richmond Yacht Club
5. Daven Subbiah
Marianna Shand
065 Nacra 15 Sequoia Yacht Club
Mission Bay Yacht Club
6. Luke Melvin
Gray Hemans
066 Nacra 15 Alamitos Bay Yacht Club
7. Max Mayol
Megan Cates
USA 067 Nacra 15 bahia Corinthian Yacht Club / Alamitos Bay Yacht Club
San Diego Yacht Club
8. Mia Nicolosi
Teddy Nicolosi
ISV 073 Nacra 15 St. Thomas Yacht Club
St. Thomas Yacht Club
9. Nick Lovell
Kelly Bates
USA 085 Nacra 15 Southern Yacht Club
10. Matthew Monts
Carlyn Blauvelt
086 Nacra 15 South Carolina Yacht Club
Atlanta Yacht Club
11. Justin Callahan
Bella Casaretto
87 Nacra 15 LYC / CRYC
12. Nicolas Martin
AnaClare Sole
90 Nacra 15 Royal Vancouver Yacht Club/Seabrook Sailing Club
Texas Corinthian Yacht Club
13. Evie Blauvelt
Tristan De Marzo
091 Nacra 15 Atlanta Yacht Club
Clearwater Community Sailing Center
14. Bryce Tone
Kay Brunsvold
USA 106 Nacra 15 Sarasota Youth Sailing
Sarasota Youth Sailing
15. Ben Rosenberg
Savannah Baus
USA 122 Nacra 15 East Greenwich Yaucht Club
Red Gear Racing

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