Registrants For
2015 Albacore International Championship
Sarasota Sailing Squadron

March 19-27, 2015
44 people have registered for this event

    Skipper/Crew Bow# / Sail# Class Division Hometown Country Payment
1. Paul Clifford
Mia Drake Brandt
8184 Albacore, Toronto, Ontario CAN CAN
2. Darren Monster
Tony Zakrajsek
7363 Albacore, North York, Ontario CAN CAN
3. Pasquale Leone
Michael Webber
8120 Albacore, toronto, ontario CAN CAN
4. David Provan
8149 Albacore, Toronto, ON CAN CAN
5. Ken Clarke
Cathyann White
6. Michael Williamson
Michelle Adolph
8195 Albacore, Toronto, ON CAN CAN
7. Christine Kelly
Bruce ?
8150 Albacore, Toronto, Ontario CAN CAN
8. James Stanley
Julie Stuat
8198 Albacore, Toronto, ON CAN CAN
9. Brock Munro
Danny Pohrofsky
8201 Albacore, Toronto, Ontario CAN CAN
10. Tim Woodford
Caleb Woodford
8013 Albacore, liverpool, nova scotia CAN CAN
11. Chris Gorton
Henry Pedro
CAN 7700 Albacore, Greenville, South Carolina CAN CAN
12. Adam Nicholson
Julie Postit
6731 Albacore, Bala, Ontario CAN CAN
13. Ian Brayshaw
Jenny Gibbons
7243 Albacore, Burlington, Ontario CAN CAN
14. George Carter
Almir Tavares
8185 Albacore, Toronto, Ontario CAN CAN
15. Ken Yamazaki
Lynn Pashleigh
8167 Albacore, Toronto, Ontario CAN CAN
16. Geoff Moore
Christine Short
8202 Albacore, Toronto, Ontario CAN CAN
17. Jeff Krause
Anna Sepko
8220 Albacore, Newmarket, Ontario CAN CAN
18. Chris Maslowski
Chris Bennet
8178 Albacore, Toronto, ON CAN CAN
19. Teresa Miolla
John Bennet
8171 Albacore, Toronto, Ontario CAN CAN
20. Barry Wicks
Sam Wicks
8069 Albacore, Warfield, Berkshire GBR GBR
21. Hazel Smith
Andy Smith
8154 Albacore, Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire GBR
22. Howard Witt
David Young
GBR 7987 Albacore, Winterbourne Bassett, Wiltshire GBR GBR
23. Matthew Thompson
Ellie Thompson
8155 Albacore, Tewkesbury, GLOS GBR GBR
24. Trevor Smith
Ann Smith
8000 Albacore, Wareham, Dorset GBR GBR
25. Nev Herbert
Mark Fowler
8192 Albacore, Lymington, Hampshire GBR GBR
26. Jeremy Rook
Shigeaki Takezoe
8128 Albacore, South Petherton, Somerset GBR GBR
27. Mike Banner
Graham Darvill
8133 Albacore, Kingsley, Cheshire GBR GBR
28. Judy Armstrong
Paul Armstrong
8209 Albacore, Middlesbrough, Cleveland GBR GBR
29. Kenneth Richards
Davie Hodgson
8134 Albacore, yarm, Cleveland GBR GBR
30. Stephen Bailey
Beth Smith
6504 Albacore, Ilkeston, Derbyshire GBR GBR
31. Richard Smith
George Smith
6959 Albacore, Leigh On Sea, Essex GBR GBR
32. Rolf Zeisler
Sue Zeisler
8122 Albacore, Pasadena, MD USA
33. Sterling Spruill
Sidney Spruill
8191 Albacore, Suffolk, VA USA USA
34. Michael Heinsdorf
Farley Will
8125 Albacore, Washington, DC USA USA
35. Barney Harris
David Byron
8200 Albacore, Arlington, VA USA
36. Marty Minot
Jordan Minot
7971 Albacore, Forest, VA USA USA
37. Daphne Byron
Ross Sorci
8027 Albacore, Silver Spring, MD USA USA
38. Khin Thein
Aung Aung Kyaw
7984 Albacore, Great Falls, VA USA USA
39. Nicholas Allen
Marisa Allen
8023 Albacore, Arlington, Virginia USA USA
40. Lloyd Leonard
Gary Bain
8083 Albacore, Washington, DC USA USA
41. Robert Bear
Anne Savage
8123 Albacore, Rockville, Maryland USA
42. Jim Graham
Susan Graham
8021 Albacore, Arlington, VA USA USA
43. Greg Jordan
Andrew Shireman
8199 Albacore, Glenwood, MD USA USA
44. Jude Brown
Lee Sayasithaena
8183 Albacore, Silver Spring, MD USA USA

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