SYSCO 2017 Short-handed Soaker Thursday : SYSCO

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INVITATION: Small Yacht Sailing Club of Oregon extends an invitation to all sailboat skippers to compete in this fun race on the Columbia River between the I-5 and I-205 bridges. DESCRIPTION: This is a single race held the evening of Thursday, July 13. Boats will race short-handed as follows: 1. Single-hand: All boats under 24 feet (e.g. Cal-20s, Ranger 20s, Catalina 22s, Venture 21s). 2. Double-hand: All boats 24 to 30 feet (e.g. Martin 24s, J-24s, Merit 25s, PHRF, and Cruising) 3. Triple-hand: All boats over 30 feet (e.g. J-105s, PHRF, and Cruising). Additional crew are permitted to be on a boat being raced shorthanded to serve as rail-meat or ballast as long as the extra crew does not hand, reef, steer, or touch a control line. Additional crew members are permitted to fire supersoakers and water cannon at other boats in their class after the starting signal.

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