Spring Laser Series : Tahoe Yacht Club

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The Laser - an Olympic Class sailboat measuring 13 feet 10 and 1/2 inches and weighing just 130 pounds.  The Laser is probably the world’s most popular sailboat, offering sailors a relatively inexpensive yet pure form of sailing. Undoubtedly, Laser racing is some of the best single handed, one design racing in existence. The boat can be rigged by one person in approximately 10-15 minutes, is small enough to car top and, best of all, is extremely easy to maintain!

At Tahoe, Lasers have been the best and most consistent one design racing class since the Lake Tahoe Laser Fleet was formed in 1976. Many of the original sailors love it so much they are still active in the fleet. All ability levels are encouraged. In fact, the fleet now consists of everyone from beginners to past national champions with both "A" and "B" divisions.

Junior Drop In rates are for individuals 21 years and younger.

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