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NOTICE OF RACE US Sailing Junior Olympic Festival, Hawaii Margaret Haig Memorial and1 Connie Smales Invitational Hosted by Hawaii and Waikiki Yacht Club HYSA #5 and 6 JULY 12 and 12 Toppers and El Toros July 13 Open Bics The Margaret Haig Event will be held Thursday July 11 as part of the US Sailing Junior Olympic Festival. The Connie Smales Event will be held Friday July 12 out of Waikiki Yacht Club as part of the US Sailing Junior Olympic Festival. The Connie Smales Open Bic regatta will be held Saturday July 13 as part of the US Sailing Junior Olympic Festival 1. RULES: The regatta will be governed by the Racing Rules of Sailing (RRS). 2. ELIGIBILITY & ENTRY: 2.1 The regatta is open to Topper, and El Toro sailors on the 11th and 12th and Open Bics on the 13th. 2.2A El Toro and Bic Sailors must be members of HYSA. 2.2B All El Toro and Bic Sailors must be members of US Sailing. All Topper sailors competing for US Sailing medals, must be members of US Sailing. 2.3 Sailors must not turn 24 in the year of the event. 2.4 Each person on board a competing yacht shall wear a USCG approved PFD while racing. 2.5 Entry Fees: Toros and Toppers $20 ( $10 each day) Open Bics: $10. (There will be no entry fee for Topper Sailors already enrolled in the class) Registration will be on regatta network. There will be a separate regatta network page for the Open Bic event. Early registration closes Tuesday July 9 at noon. There will be a late fee of $5.00 at that time. El Toro and Topper event: Open Bic event: 3. SCHEDULE OF EVENTS: Thursday and Friday We will attempt five races each day. 8:30 Morning Check in for Topper racing and El Toro C2,C3 and C4. 9:00 Skipper’s meeting 9:45 First Start for Toppers followed by El Toro C2, C3, and C4 11:00 Registration—Check in for Afternoon Toppers and El Toro C, B and A 12:00 Skipper’s Meeting 1:30 First Start 3:45 No race will start after 3:45 Barbeque and Awards to follow racing. Saturday—Bic A and Bic B Five races will be attempted 9:00 am check in at Waikiki Yacht Club 10:00 Skipper’s meeting 11:30 First Start 4. SAILING INSTRUCTIONS: The sailing instructions will be available at the Skippers Meeting. 5. COURSE & AREA: 5.1 Outside Courses Course 1 Windward Leeward Course 2 Triangle Course 3 Triangle Windward Leeward Course 4 Double Windward Leeward Course 5 Double Triangle. 5.2 Inside Courses Course 1 Windward Finish Downwind Course 2 Windward-Jibe Mark-Finish on a Reach Course 3 Windward-Jibe Mark-Pin-Windward Finish Downwind. 5.2 The course area will be off of Magic Island. 6. SCORING: The Low Point Scoring System, RRS Appendix A, will apply. Each boat’s series score will be the total of her race scores, discarding her worst score if, five or more races are completed. 7. PRIZES: Prizes shall be awarded for El Toro A, B and C, C2, C3, C4; Topper Morning and Topper Afternoon; and Open Bic A and Open Bic B Prizes will be awarded to each boat in each class placing first, second, and third overall. The awards ceremony for the Margaret Haig will be held as early as 4:30 at Hawaii Yacht Club on July 11. Prizes will be awarded for that day of races. The award ceremony for the Connie Smales will be held as early as 4:30 at Waikiki Yacht Club on the 12th. Prizes will be awarded for that day of racing. The Junior Olympic awards for the El Toro, Topper and Open Bic classes will be awarded on Sunday evening at the Junior Olympic Awards Banquet held at Waikiki Yacht Club at 5:00. There is a discount for registering ahead of time while registering for the event itself on regatta network. This allows us to plan for food and set up of the event. The Banquet will be at Waikiki Yacht Club on Sunday July 14 The silent auction will be between 5:00-6:00 Dinner will be at 6:00 Awards will begin at 7:00 Youth Tickets sold at the door will be $15 Adult Tickets sold at the door will be $20 Banquet tickets will be discounted if you sign up when you register for the events. FURTHER INFORMATION: For further information contact Guy Fleming at 955-4405. Or by e-mail at

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