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This US Disabled Sailing Classification Training Seminar is the initial requirement in the process toward certification as a US Sailing Classifier. Participants should be qualified Medical Providers, Physiotherapists or Occupational Therapists. The Classifier Committee shall consider other medically trained personnel who have experience with persons with disabilities for seminar attendance. Sailing and / or racing experience is required. The objective of the Classifier Training program is to improve the quality, consistency and fairness of classification of disabled sailors on a national level. Check-in will begin at 0800 and the seminar will begin at 0830 on the first day. The attendees shall achieve core competencies in application of the Functional Classification System. The seminar will focus on three areas of the classification process: Physical Disability Assessment, Dock Testing, Sail Race Observation. A test and debrief will be conducted at the end of the final day.

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