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September 6 - 12, 2014

San Diego , CA

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  • Sep 07, 2014 17:40 EST

    INFORMATION FROM THE JURY TO THE COMPETITORS RRS 42 Although there are usually two judges in each jury boat, a single judge will penalise a boat when satisfied that she has broken RRS 42. The following points may help you understand the application of RRS 42. ISAF rule 42 interpretations 2013 When a boat’s second or later rule 42 penalty in the regatta is signalled in a race that is subsequently postponed, recalled or abandoned, the boat may compete in the restarted race. However, for each boat, every rule 42 penalty counts in the total number of such penalties. Although judges will signal a rule 42 penalty as soon as possible, this might be after the boat has crossed the finishing line. In the case of a boat’s first rule 42 penalty the boat must take the penalty, return to the course side of the finishing line and then finish. If a boat is penalised, the competitor may ask the judges for an explanation after the completion of the race. This can be done by talking to the judges on the water between races, on shore at any time or by asking the Jury Office to arrange a meeting with the judges. There is no requirement to complete an acknowledgement form for penalty turns taken under RRS P2.1. However, a form is required to acknowledge retirement under RRS P2.2 and P2.3 SCORING ENQUIRIES To request correction of an alleged error in posted races or series results including OCS, a competitor shall complete a scoring enquiry form available online. The Race Committee will go through their records and if a mistake is found they will reinstate the boat. If the competitor is not satisfied with the Race Committee’s answer he/she may choose to request redress. In that case the Scoring Enquiry will automatically become a request for redress which should be lodged immediately with the Jury Secretary. REQUESTS FOR REDRESS FOR ALLEGED RACE COMMITTEE ERROR IN SCORING A BOAT OCS OR ZFP For a boat to be given redress after being scored OCS or ZFP, conclusive evidence must be presented to the Jury that the Race Committee has made an error. Even video evidence is rarely conclusive. In the absence of conclusive evidence to the contrary the Jury will uphold the Race Committee’s decision. Evidence of the relative positions of two boats that are scored differently is not conclusive evidence that either boat started properly. ON THE WATER Sailing is essentially a self-policing sport. The Jury expect that boats will take a penalty promptly when appropriate. The primary responsibility for protesting breaches of the rules is with the competitors, not the Jury. However, in addition to taking action in accordance with Appendix P, the International Jury will observe racing for breaches of other rules. Additionally, the Jury will protest if they observe an apparent breach of good sportsmanship (RRS 2). Examples of such breaches are: reckless sailing – sailing likely to result in damage or injury apparent deliberate breaches of rules intimidating other boats – often evidenced by unnecessary shouting or foul language failing to take a penalty after knowingly touching a mark team tactics in fleet racing – sailing to benefit another boat to the detriment of your own position RRS 69 Any form of cheating, including not telling the truth in a hearing, is considered to be a breach of sportsmanship which may result in a hearing under RRS 69 and a heavy penalty. VIDEO EVIDENCE If a party to a hearing wishes to bring video evidence, it is their responsibility to provide the equipment required to view the video. FAILURE TO ATTEND A HEARING Competitors should be aware that the Jury may proceed with a hearing (under RRS 63.3(b)) in the absence of one of the parties and this will not be grounds for reopening unless the Jury is satisfied that the competitor made every reasonable effort to find out the time of the hearing and attend. Competitors are reminded that on the last racing day prior to the team racing events, it is the intention of the Jury to hear all protests on that day, including any request for reopening or any request for redress based on decisions made that day. It is the responsibility of the competitors to monitor the Official Notice Board until all hearings are concluded for the day. See Sailing Instructions ACKNOWLEDGEMENT OF PENALTIES AND RETIREMENT Competitors that retire from a race are required to notify the race committee as soon as possible and complete a retirement form ashore. Forms are available at the regatta office. See Sailing Instructions. Competitors that take a penalty under RRS 44 are required to inform the race committee immediately after finishing the race. See Sailing Instructions. 9. JURY CHAIRMAN Competitors, team leaders and coaches may discuss procedure and policy with the jury chairman. He/She can be contacted through the Race Office. The International Jury Date: September 7th 2014 ...

  • Mar 07, 2014 18:02

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