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Small Yacht Sailing Club of Oregon extends an invitation to all boats to compete in this special regatta between the I-5 and I-205 Bridges. This is a single medium-distance race event, with a staggered pursuit start based on handicapped ratings, with each boat required to complete a simulated crew overboard drill on each of the first & second legs of the course. Races shall be governed by the rules as defined in the Racing Rules of Sailing, OCSA General Sailing Instructions & Courses and supplemental sailing instructions posted on the OCSA Event Notice Board. Specific course instructions will be posted on the OCSA Event Notice Board. DATE AND TIME: Sunday, March 8, 2015, warning signal at 1255 hours, slowest rated boat starts at 1300.

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  • Mar 08, 2015 00:51 EST

    Daylight Savings Dash Competitors,

    Below you will find the start time for each boat in tomorrows race based on the GPS clock, Pacific DAYLIGHT Time. There will be opportunities to sync up via broadcasts over VHF channel 72 before the sequences begin but if you have a GPS you are encouraged to reference it as a time source.
    Remember, we go into daylight savings time tonight so move those clocks an hour forward.
    We'll see you around buoy 14 with the first sequence beginning at 12:55 PDT.
    1300 Trigger
    1303 Bonus Time
    1303 KnuckleBuster
    1304 Estrella Del Mar
    1304 Hail, Yes!
    1304 La Dolce Vita
    1304 River Weasel
    1304 Second Half
    1305 ELIXIR
    1305 Shamrock
    1305 Wild Goose
    1306 Blue Heron
    1306 Nausicaa
    1306 OB1
    1306 Runaway
    1307 ONE MORE
    1307 skooku Too
    1307 WindWaker
    1308 WY'EAST
    1309 Cool Change
    1310 Thirsty
    1310 Tomahawk
    1310 Yeah Baby
    1312 Desperado
    1313 Free Bowl of Soup
    1314 Stray Currents
    1315 Velocity
    1317 PANAMA RED
    1321 Serina

  • Dec 22, 2014 18:30

    Event site launched on Regatta Network ...

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