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June 08, 2019
"Skipper Looking For Crew" Posts:
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Cathy Surgeoner Deibler Posted on Jun 12, 2019 16:19 EST
Looking to hop on sailboat for Wed Jun 12 to see the excitement. I’ve sailed New Zealand, Japan and now California. Currently racing from Navy Yacht Club but will be at Point Loma this eve. I’m an artist, so I can paint your sailboat as a thanks ;) @cathysurgeoner

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"Crew Looking For A Boat" Posts:
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Jeff Billings Posted on Jun 06, 2019 01:09 EST
Hello, I'm Jeff and looking to crew in the beer can series. I'm new to racing but would greatly appreciate an opportunity to give it a shot. I sailed a bit on the UCSD sailing team with lasers but am green aside from that experience. Also was a collegiate rower, however, those boats didn't have sails. I know how to apply myself, am a hard worker and a quick study.

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Kathy Charters Posted on Jun 03, 2019 15:29 EST
Hello Captains, If anyone is looking for crew for the Arden Race on June 22, I'd appreciate the opportunity to race with you. I would put myself in the ~Intermediate category as I have raced on our Beneteau First 44.7 in several races. I still have a ton to learn, but I have worked primaries and love trimming the spin. I most recently completed the N2E about a month ago. I am a hard worker, take direction well, and have a positive attitude. Please message me if you have an open spot. Thank you! Kathy Charters

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Debbie L Kinsinger Posted on May 22, 2019 20:44 EST
Hi I'm Debbie and looking to crew for the beer can series. Please also see the post from my friend Bridgett who is also looking to crew in this series. It would be fine if we were on the same boat but fine if we are on separate ones. I have raced in this series a few times in the past here's a brief summary of my experience Fill-in Crew, Southwest Yacht Club, San Diego, CA beer can series Catalina Cruising and racing, Carolina Yacht Club, Wilmington North Carolina, off-shore racing, 2 seasons : tail, fore deck pole, furl & take down, trim J-boat, 1 season Ketchikan Yacht Club, Ketchikan, AK open ocean / inside passage, single day & multiday races: tail, fore deck pole, furl & take down/stow, raise, trim all sails Other very large 50 - 70 ft boats, Puerta Vallarta, one-off sail racing Small boat Racing Laser 14' single and two hand racing Hobi, 16' leisure & racing, Carolina Yacht Club, Wilmington NC, intracoastal waterway Thistle, 2 seasons,Willamette Sailing Club, Portland OR, all positions except helm, racing Cruising 50' custom trimaran Inside passage BC one week 50' monohull Vanuatu 3 weeks

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