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2019 WOW Regatta : Bellingham Yacht Club

August 10, 2019
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Jenny Bagne Posted on Aug 08, 2019 19:31 EST
My friend, Annie and I hope to crew with you during WOW on Saturday. I crewed for a couple of different boats both as a racer and as a cruiser. I have not sailed much since having children but am excited to get back on the water and refresh my skills.

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Annie Boydstun Posted on Aug 08, 2019 19:27 EST
My friend, Jenny Bagne and I would love to crew for WOW on Saturday. Both of us have some sailing experience. We follow directions well! I just finished a week on a 40' catamaran which we chartered from San Juan Sailing.

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Pamela Good Posted on Aug 05, 2019 02:53 EST
I would be so excited to be your pick as crew for your team! I do have sailing experience from living aboard several years in my twenties. After years away from sailing , I decided to reconnect with my love of the water and sailed with friends on their boats gaining valuable experience. I have done a little racing. I recently bought my own 34’ sailboat which is currently on the hard while I do some updating. Looking forward to meeting other women who are building a strong sailing community! Pamela

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