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Multi Hull Rendezvous @ Cherry Pie 2014 : Sarasota Sailing Squadron

February 07-09, 2014
"Skipper Looking For Crew" Posts:
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Michael Cross Posted on Jan 07, 2014 12:22 EST
I am looking for three crew members for my Sprint 750 for Friday, the 7th, only. Please contact me with your experience if you would like to race for the day. We race/work hard but also make sure we have fun.

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Larry Geller Posted on Dec 12, 2013 14:58 EST
We are glad to see some postings on this board. Several boats have mentioned the need for crew, and we are encouraging them to use the board to connect with you. If you have not gotten a spot by early January, please contact me and we will connect you directly with the skippers. Larry Geller Class Coordinator

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Zahid Khalid Posted on Dec 11, 2013 16:10 EST
Archie, I'm a single-handed sailor on my 34-ft mono hull but have raced on Corsair F-28. I can crew in any role except tactician. Please let me know if you need another crew member. Regards, Zahid

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Archie Kerr Posted on Nov 20, 2013 15:43 EST
I have 40 years experience on multihulls. Fist on Tornados, then on my 27 foot Stiletto and currently on my own home built Farrier F9A(31 feet) with an R rig . I will be in Florida for the month of February travelling in my motorhome to various locations. As an aside I raced in the Stiletto National 2003 & 04 at Sarasota

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"Crew Looking For A Boat" Posts:
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Mikayla Scott Posted on Dec 11, 2013 12:27 EST
Hi, my name is Mikayla, I'm looking for a boat to crew on for Cherry Pie. I have experience on corsairs, and have raced with Larry Geller and Brian Broad, Steve marsh and Phil Styne, and the Dixons. Willing to do anything on the boat! Please give me a call or email of anyone is looking for young and able crew!

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