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30th Annual Lakewood Yacht Club Harvest Moon Regatta® and Sailathon : Lakewood Yacht Club

October 13-16, 2016

Crew Finder Detail:

Name: Bernard Murphy

E-Mail: bernard.murphy2016@gmail.com

Day Phone: 832 971 6423

Evening Phone: 832 567 1497

I have sailed the HMR several times there and back, offshore and in the ditch, in storms and calms. I skippered my own boat from Kemah for seven years. My specialty is making food that can be held in one hand and tossed overboard when conditions dictate. I have been complimented for my wraps. I can bring your boat back too. Physically fit, mechanically inclined, not a drunkard, sweet smelling and a ready source of jokes to while away the long hours at sea.

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