Hobie Cat 16 North American Championships Pensacola, FL
HCANA / Pensacola YC | September 20-25, 2015

Silver Series (36 boats)

Race 2 : Race 2 - Silver
Race Information: Start Date/Time = September 24, 2015 10:05:00
PosSail SkipperCrewBoatDiv.Penalty Pts
1114237Adam Atherton Diane Bisesi [Green][Silver] Abandon/0.00 0
2114610Jim Sajdak Tina Pastoor [Yellow][Silver] Abandon/0.00 0
3001701Chris Wessels Jordon Wessels USS Enterprise [Yellow][Silver] Abandon/0.00 0
4088814Cliff McCarty Sam Marcus Big Red Dog [Red][Silver] Abandon/0.00 0
5102676Michelle Rathkamp Mike Pedersen Coventina's Gypsy Soul [Red][Silver] Abandon/0.00 0
6108001Kat Porter Caitlin Froeb [Red][Silver] Abandon/0.00 0
7110209Robbin Mocarski Bill Whalen [Green][Silver] Abandon/0.00 0
8110262Julio Caceres Julia Donigan Tradeworks [Yellow][Silver] Abandon/0.00 0
9110404Andy Humphries Krista Vind File Not Found [Blue][Silver] Abandon/0.00 0
10111169Christina Bradshaw Ruth Branscombe The Flame [Green][Silver] Abandon/0.00 0
11111681Alex Bommersbach [Green][Silver] Abandon/0.00 0
12111740Gustavo Pinto Kristen King [Yellow][Silver] Abandon/0.00 0
13111829Timothy Donigan Marie Donigan [Green][Silver] Abandon/0.00 0
14111843Ryan Richardson Hannah Nelson [Red][Silver] Abandon/0.00 0
15111897Fernando Guirola Antonio Guirola [Green][Silver] Abandon/0.00 0
16111906Dan Jarrett Chelsea White [Red][Silver] Abandon/0.00 0
17112005Mark Hamlin Carole Harris-Barnett [Blue][Silver] Abandon/0.00 0
18112205Mark Van Doren Joshua Welch Sparkplug [Yellow][Silver] Abandon/0.00 0
19112215Jim Doty Jr Barbie Doty [Red][Silver] Abandon/0.00 0
20113592Carter Lucas Rachel Lucas [Green][Silver] Abandon/0.00 0
21113722Naomi Van den Bergh Rives Allen Pili Pili [Yellow][Silver] Abandon/0.00 0
22113850Robert Longo Sally Slavich [Yellow][Silver] Abandon/0.00 0
23113857Mark Ashburn Shawn Bates [Green][Silver] Abandon/0.00 0
24113874Robert Johnson Cheryl Johnson [Yellow][Silver] Abandon/0.00 0
25113902John Holmberg Ryan Froeb [Green][Silver] Abandon/0.00 0
26114066Todd Morrill Sarah Isaak [Green][Silver] Abandon/0.00 0
27114191Fred Weidig Melissa Weidig Cattitude [Red][Silver] Abandon/0.00 0
28114239David Heroux Barbara Powers Viva Patron [Blue][Silver] Abandon/0.00 0
29114245Shane Gaston Connor Gaston [Blue][Silver] Abandon/0.00 0
30114414Andres Guirola Erickson Perez Guatemala [Yellow][Silver] Abandon/0.00 0
31114415Marc Bachman Charles Harp ReMarcable [Blue][Silver] Abandon/0.00 0
32114482Karen-Ann Xavier Tawnya-Dhaun Fox [Red][Silver] Abandon/0.00 0
33114549Ron Holm Angie Pickman [Yellow][Silver] Abandon/0.00 0
34114551Joel Hutchings Kayla Hutchings [Blue][Silver] Abandon/0.00 0
35114581Kirk Newkirk Andrea Zern Pedersen Sea Ya [Red][Silver] Abandon/0.00 0
36123559Tony Krauss Debra Mancini Grumpy T [Blue][Silver] Abandon/0.00 0

Race Information: Start Date/Time = September 24, 2015 10:05:00,
Principal Race Officer: Matt Bounds

Information is final.

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