Sunfish Class 2016 International Masters
US Sailing Center Martin County | March 20-22, 2016

Sunfish (36 boats)

Race 4
Race Information: Start Date/Time = March 20, 2016 00:00:00
Sail SkipperClubDiv.Penalty Pts
11717Paul-Jon Patin PaulJon Patin [Apprentice Master] /0.00 1
2271Joe Blouin DIYC [Great Grand Master] /0.00 2
360858Gail Heausler Davis Island Yacht Club [Master] /0.00 3
478159Paul Welles Oriental Dinghy Club [Master] /0.00 4
577173John Condon Mattituck Yacht Club [Apprentice Master] /0.00 5
621870Geraldo Crisanti SCO Orbetello [Apprentice Master] /0.00 6
749333Chris Gates Melbourne Yacht Club [Grand Master] /0.00 7
877721William McLaughlin Marsh Creek Sailing Club [Grand Master] /0.00 8
975451Lawrence Suter Coconut Grove Sailing Club [Grand Master] /0.00 9
1076356Ron McHenry pymatuning Sailing Club [Grand Master] /0.00 10
1178744Fritz Hanselman Lake Bluff Yacht Club [Grand Master] /0.00 11
1276333Dick Tillman Melbourne YC [Great Grand Master] /0.00 12
1376380David Silverman myc [Master] /0.00 13
14117John Meyer none [Great Grand Master] /0.00 14
1580367George Sechrist Oriental Dinghy Club [Great Grand Master] /0.00 15
163729Alex Dean MOBYC [Apprentice Master] /0.00 16
1775057Luis Oliveira Gulfstream Sailing Club [Grand Master] /0.00 17
18423Romeo Piperno PLANET SAIL [Master] /0.00 18
19762Fabrizio Menghetti Cdv Grosseto [Grand Master] /0.00 19
2088436Nancy Jaywork Rehoboth Bay Sailing Association [Grand Master] /0.00 20
2175417Tom Katterheinrich St Marys Boat Club [Grand Master] /0.00 21
2280392Sonya Dean MOBYC [Apprentice Master] /0.00 22
237774Rita Steele SSS [Grand Master] /0.00 23
2481044Clay Smith SPYC [Apprentice Master] /0.00 24
2580774David Hanselman MOBYC [Great Grand Master] /0.00 25
2627777Paul Odegaard bolton lake sc [Great Grand Master] RET-BF/0.00 37
27181Don Bergman MBYC [Senior Grand Master] DNC/0.00 37
284307Jim Koehler SBWA [Master] DNC/0.00 37
2924186Gail Turluck Gull Lake Yacht Club [Master] DNC/0.00 37
3078274Charlie Cushing Davis Island Yacht Club [Great Grand Master] DNC/0.00 37
3179226Holly Hanselman Lake bluff yacht club [Grand Master] DNC/0.00 37
3279306Matt Heywood North Cape Yacth Club [Grand Master] DNC/0.00 37
3379407Donald Fritz JOLLY ROGER SAILING CLUB [Great Grand Master] DNC/0.00 37
3481022Lynne Randall Davis Island Yacht Club [Grand Master] DNC/0.00 37
3581107Michael West North Shore Yacht Club [Great Grand Master] DNC/0.00 37
3686682Charles Modica Shelter Island Yacht Club [Grand Master] DNC/0.00 37

Race Information: Start Date/Time = March 20, 2016 00:00:00,
Principal Race Officer: John Fox

Information is provisional and subject to modification

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