Zhik 29er Class World Championship 2017
Alamitos Bay Yacht Club, the U.S. 29er Class Association, and the International 29er Class Association | July 29-August 05, 2017

Final Series - Silver (40 boats)

Race 1 : Silver Final 1
Race Information: Start Date/Time = July 29, 2017 12:55:00
BowSail SkipperCrewBoatDiv.Penalty Pts
12001Lucy Wilmot Sally Wilmot [MB][TY][WB][Silver] QS/51.00 51
2174Zachary Blomeley Maxwell Todd [MY][TB][WB][Silver] QS/52.00 52
3[F][Y]2393Emma French Zelda Ladefoged 2393 [MY][TY][WY][Silver] QS/53.00 53
5[Y]1541Breno Kneipp Ian Paim [MB][TB][WB][Silver] QS/55.00 55
6[Y]2633Ripley Shelley Severin Gramm [MY][TY][WB][Silver] QS/56.00 56
72398Ben Paterson Sean Paterson Green Machine [MY][TY][WY][Silver] QS/57.00 57
8[F]2479Courtney Bilbrough Hanna Brant [MB][TB][WB][Silver] QS/58.00 58
9[Y]2434Dante Cittadini Octavio Dorbessan [MY][TY][WY][Silver] QS/59.00 59
10[Y]2550Elliot Bacon Sam Bacon [MY][TB][WY][Silver] QS/60.00 60
11[Y]2396Craig Keenan Reece Caulfield [MB][TB][WB][Silver] QS/61.00 61
12[Y]2562Lake Sanford steven hardee [MB][TY][WB][Silver] QS/62.00 62
131413Morgan Pinckney Michael Sabourin [MB][TB][WB][Silver] QS/63.00 63
142407Paris Henken Christopher Williford [MY][TB][WY][Silver] QS/64.00 64
152114Tommaso Ciaglia Santiago Alegre tomy cigala [MY][TY][WB][Silver] QS/65.00 65
16[F]2402Louisa Nordstrom Claire Huebner [MB][TB][WY][Silver] QS/66.00 66
17[Y]1423Conrad Miller Grant Gridley [MB][TY][WB][Silver] QS/67.00 67
18[Y]2687Campbell Stanton William Shapland Bullet [MB][TB][WB][Silver] QS/68.00 68
19[Y]2002Lola Kohl Johnny Durcan [MB][TB][WB][Silver] QS/69.00 69
20[F][Y]2013HELENA VAN SWAAY DE MARCHI Nicole Buuck [MB][TB][WB][Silver] QS/70.00 70
212684Jesse Dransfield Simon Hoffman Crocodile JD [MY][TY][WY][Silver] QS/999.99 71
22[Y]2679William Sargent Charles Zeeman TBC [MB][TB][WB][Silver] QS/72.00 72
23[F][Y]2394Crystal Sun Olivia Hobbs Nill [MY][TY][WY][Silver] QS/73.00 73
24[Y]777Bobby Hewitt Freddie Simes [MY][TY][WB][Silver] QS/74.00 74
25[Y]2268Kerensa Jennings Saffron Nixon Kerensa Jennings [MB][TY][WY][Silver] QS/75.00 75
27[Y]2521Matthew clark Jon Crawford [MY][TY][WB][Silver] QS/77.00 77
28[Y]2406Hayden Earl Nicholas Hardy [MB][TY][WY][Silver] QS/78.00 78
29[F][Y]2404Berta Puig Charlotte Mack [MY][TB][WB][Silver] QS/79.00 79
30[Y]1882HernĂ¡n Umpierre Fernando Diz [MY][TB][WY][Silver] QS/80.00 80
31[Y]2270Gavin Ninnes Ben Beasley [MB][TY][WY][Silver] QS/81.00 81
32995Brady Sih Nathan Sih [MY][TY][WB][Silver] QS/82.00 82
33[Y]2237Thomas Larkings Sam Worrall AUS2237 [MB][TB][WY][Silver] QS/83.00 83
34[Y]994IAN NYENHUIS Noah Nyenhuis [MY][TB][WB][Silver] QS/84.00 84
35[Y]2524LEWIS CLARK Dylan Richards [MB][TY][WB][Silver] QS/85.00 85
36[Y]1271Jack Sutter Aitor Iriso [MB][TB][WY][Silver] QS/86.00 86
372635Marley Mais Scott Mais [MY][TY][WB][Silver] QS/87.00 87
38[Y]1997Pearce Mendoza Jack Flores [MY][TB][WY][Silver] QS/88.00 88
39[Y]2685Rupert Hamilton Fynn Sprott TBA [MB][TY][WY][Silver] QS/89.00 89
402681Thomas Nikitaras Rohan Langford Hellooooo [MY][TY][WY][Silver] QS/90.00 90

Race Information: Start Date/Time = July 29, 2017 12:55:00,

Information is provisional and subject to modification

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