Zhik 29er Class World Championship 2017
Alamitos Bay Yacht Club, the U.S. 29er Class Association, and the International 29er Class Association | July 29-August 05, 2017

Final Series - Bronze (39 boats)

Race 1 : Bronze Finals -1
Race Information: Start Date/Time = July 29, 2017 12:55:00
BowSail SkipperCrewBoatDiv.Penalty Pts
1[Y]2073Mark McCutcheon Aidan Chiu 29er [MB][TY][WY][Bronze] QS/91.00 91
2[Y]2531JAMES FERGUSON Harrison Fullwood [MY][TB][WB][Bronze] QS/92.00 92
3[F][Y]526Blaire McCarthy Callista Hopkins [MB][TY][WB][Bronze] QS/93.00 93
4[F][Y]1801RAFAELA SALLES Fernanda Blyth [MY][TY][WY][Bronze] QS/94.00 94
51266Teddy Nicolosi Nicolas Muller [MY][TB][WY][Bronze] QS/95.00 95
6[Y]1052Ryutaro Sochi Nathan Housberg [MB][TB][WY][Bronze] QS/96.00 96
7[Y]2691Brooke Shachoy Reed Shachoy [MY][TY][WB][Bronze] QS/97.00 97
81544Lorenzo Bernd Philipp Rump NoHayFiguracion [MY][TB][WB][Bronze] QS/98.00 98
9[F]2587Veronika Zivna Katerina Zivna charter [MB][TB][WY][Bronze] QS/99.00 99
10[Y]2294Libby Redmond Chase Sabadash [MB][TB][WB][Bronze] QS/100.00 100
11[Y]1088RYAN JANOV Grant Janov [MY][TY][WB][Bronze] QS/101.00 101
12[Y]1844Sebastian Clark Louis Bavay [MB][TY][WY][Bronze] QS/102.00 102
13[F][Y]1097AnaClare Sole Camille White [MY][TY][WY][Bronze] QS/103.00 103
14[Y]1257Anne Huebner Will Glasson [MB][TB][WB][Bronze] QS/104.00 104
15[Y]2598Ross Thompson Ethen Kinsman Ross Thompson [MB][TY][WY][Bronze] QS/105.00 105
162595Ansel Koehn Zach Spicer 2595 [MB][TB][WB][Bronze] QS/106.00 106
17[Y]821Connell Phillipps Kaelin Stock [MB][TY][WB][Bronze] QS/107.00 107
181445Henry Boeger Simon Boeger [MY][TB][WY][Bronze] QS/108.00 108
19[Y]1995Lars von Sydow Aaron Tsuchitori N/A [MB][TY][WY][Bronze] QS/109.00 109
20216Gwyneth Dunlevy Nolan Van Dine Plugs [MY][TY][WY][Bronze] QS/110.00 110
21[F][Y]2560sarah hardee Lucy Klempen [MY][TB][WB][Bronze] QS/111.00 111
22[Y]2597Fraser Buck Sam Briggs [MY][TB][WY][Bronze] QS/112.00 112
23[Y]2345Fergus Fox Harry FOX [MY][TY][WB][Bronze] QS/113.00 113
24[F]1258Hailey Thompson Molly Noble [MY][TB][WB][Bronze] QS/114.00 114
25[Y]1438Jack Taugher Dylan Styron [MB][TY][WY][Bronze] QS/115.00 115
26[F][Y]2603Sophie Heldman Ashley Ferreira [MY][TB][WB][Bronze] QS/116.00 116
27[Y]2004Nelson Fretenburg William Mendham [MB][TY][WY][Bronze] QS/117.00 117
28[F][Y]2190Charley Snyder Roxanne Snyder [MB][TY][WY][Bronze] QS/118.00 118
29[Y]246Marion Lafrance Berger Solange Pacarar [MY][TY][WY][Bronze] QS/119.00 119
30[Y]301Dan Brandt CHARLOTTE VERSAVEL [MB][TB][WY][Bronze] QS/120.00 120
31[Y]655Myka Auger-Cyr Julien Lafrance Berger [MY][TY][WB][Bronze] QS/121.00 121
32[F][Y]997Pearl Lattanzi Ariana Long [MB][TB][WB][Bronze] QS/122.00 122
33[Y]2634Mason Kaplan Axel Stordahl [MY][TB][WB][Bronze] QS/123.00 123
34[F][Y]1079Emma Batcher Marbella Marlo [MB][TB][WY][Bronze] QS/124.00 124
35[F][Y]2471Christina Van Dyke Isabelle Meegan [MY][TY][WB][Bronze] QS/125.00 125
36[Y]2690Zoe Roosen AJ Boucher [MB][TB][WB][Bronze] QS/126.00 126
37679William Sutton IV Pieter Versavel B Tenacious [MY][TY][WY][Bronze] QS/127.00 127
38571Kelsey Tostenson Seamus Dougherty Minik [MY][TY][WB][Bronze] QS/128.00 128
391048JACLYN MANRIQUE Patrick Szeto [MB][TY][WY][Bronze] QS/129.00 129

Race Information: Start Date/Time = July 29, 2017 12:55:00,

Information is provisional and subject to modification

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