International 420 Mid Winter Championship
Miami Yacht Club Youth Sailing Foundation | February 18-20, 2017

I420 (34 boats)

Race 2
Race Information: Start Date/Time = February 18, 2017 14:57:30
PosBowSail SkipperCrewClubFinish TimePenalty Pts
155876Carmen Cowles Emma Cowles LISOT/Larchmont Yacht Club/ LISOT/Larchmont YC NO TIME /0.00 1
255873Thomas Hall William George LISOT/ Nantucket Yacht Club/LISOT NO TIME /0.00 2
355835Pat Wilson Arie Moffat RNSYS / KYC/ RNSYS/KYC NO TIME /0.00 3
455317Thomas Rice Trevor Bornarth LIMA/Seawanhaka Corinthian YC/ SCYC NO TIME /0.00 4
554066Emma Kaneti ciara rodriguez-horan Larchmont YC/ CRYC NO TIME /0.00 5
656079Michelle Lahrkamp Gabriella DelBello AmericanYC/LISOT/ American YC / LISOT NO TIME /0.00 6
71355917Dylan ASCENCIOS Nick Chisari Lakewood Yacht Club/ LISOT NO TIME /0.00 7
855997Connor Mraz Griffin Segalla Chester YC/LISOT/ stamford YC/LISOT NO TIME /0.00 8
955616Madeleine Rice Katherine Lounsbury LIMA/Seawanhaka Corinthian YC/ Coral Reef Yacht Club/ College of Charleston NO TIME /0.00 9
10USA55617JC Hermus Walter Henry LIMA/Bellport Bay YC/ Seawanhaka YC/LIMA NO TIME /0.00 10
11USA 55618Alexandra MARES Katy Hannan Houston Yacht Club / GCYSA/ Rush Creek Yacht Club NO TIME /0.00 11
1255172Payton THOMPSON Alexandra Tillinghast LISOT/NHYC/ American Yacht Club/ LISOT NO TIME /0.00 12
13USA55145Zane ROGERS Reese Guerriero LYC/TCYC/ Texas Corinthian Yacht Club NO TIME /0.00 13
1456037Yumi Yoshiyasu Kara Scully HYC/GCYSA/ TCYC/GCYSA NO TIME /0.00 14
151154068Sarah BURN Patricia Gerli Bay Head Yacht Club/LISOT/ Mantoloking Yacht Club NO TIME /0.00 15
16CAN 55833Georgia Lewin-LaFrance Madeline Gillis RNSYS/ RNSYS NO TIME /0.00 16
17USA55116Alex Abate Nico Martin Lakewood yacht Club/ NO TIME /0.00 17
183156036Eduardo MINTZIAS Declan McGranahan CRYC/LIMA/ CRYC LIMA NO TIME /0.00 18
1956029Timothy DANILEK Pierce Ornstein Noroton YC / LISOT/ Riverside Yacht Club NO TIME /0.00 19
2055999Cameron Turner oliver duncan LIMA Chautauqua Lake YC/ vhyc NO TIME /0.00 20
21USA56128Max Anker Leyton Borcherding Riverside YC / LISOT/ Belle Haven Club - LISOT NO TIME /0.00 21
2255147AnaClare SOLE Grace Austin Texas Corinthian Yacht Club/ Belle Haven Club / LISOT NO TIME /0.00 22
2355912Emily HAIG Nathan Housberg LISOT/Little Egg Harbor Yacht Club/ unaffiliated NO TIME /0.00 23
2455339Elizabeth Kaplan meghan Gonzalez Larchmont YC/ Metedeconk River Yacht Club NO TIME /0.00 24
2555998Sam Gavula Gavin Meese Bay Head YC/LISOT/ Norwalk Yacht NO TIME /0.00 25
268Moritz Heidenreich RNSYS NO TIME /0.00 26
2756265Sofia SEGALLA Hope Gallagher LISOT / Stamford Yacht Club/ Larchmont YC / LISOT NO TIME /0.00 27
2855447Matthew Logue Shawn Harvey CRYC LISOT/ Coral Reef Yacht Club/LISOT NO TIME /0.00 28
295591Dana HAIG Joshua Zeelander LISOT/Little Egg Harbor Yacht Club/ BLYC/Lisot NO TIME /0.00 29
3056266Oliver Hurwitz Angus Manion LISOT/ Riverside YC / LISOT NO TIME /0.00 30
315529655296Teagan Cunningham Zachary Zeelander Barnegat Light Yacht Club -LISOT/ Lisot 15:18:40 /0.00 31
3255877James Paul Alexander Morgan Stamford YC/LISOT/ American YC / LISOT NO TIME /0.00 32
3355861Roberto Martelli Noah Runciman
Noah Runciman
15:21:25 /0.00 33
34USA929Maija Rix Margaret Wilkins Royal Canadian Yacht Club/ Royal Canadian Yacht Club NO TIME DNF/0.00 35

Clear Start 14:30 - Protest:(55116 protest 55876)

Race Information: Start Date/Time = February 18, 2017 14:57:30,
Principal Race Officer: TBD

Information is final.

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