2017 Diversified Melges 24 NorAm Championship & North American Championship
Columbia Gorge Racing Association | July 19-22, 2017

Melges 24 (32 boats)

Race 3
Race Information: Start Date/Time = July 19, 2017 03:32:40
PosSail SkipperBoatClubDiv.Penalty Pts
1835Kevin Welch MikeyAnacortes [Overall] /0.00 1
2825Michael Goldfarb warcanoeCYC Seattle [Overall] /0.00 2
3222Kirk Palmer Light ScoutRoyal Victoria Yacht Club [Overall] /0.00 3
4USA 855Duane Yoslov LooperSFYC [Overall][Corinthian] /0.00 4
5USA 303Kent Pierce Average White BoatSanta Barbara Yacht Club [Overall][Corinthian] /0.00 5
6CAN 591Sophie Stukas Usain BoatRVICYC [Overall][Corinthian] /0.00 6
7USA 623Dan kaseler PMYC [Overall] /0.00 7
8USA 839steven boho The 300LGYC /WI [Overall] /0.00 8
9CAN 151Fraser McMillan SUNNYVALERoyal Victoria Yacht Club [Overall][Corinthian] /0.00 9
10201Last Centurion Jack Mormon CoffeeCYC [Overall] /0.00 10
11CAN 011Duncan Stamper Goes to ElevenRoyal Victoria Yacht Club [Overall][Corinthian] /0.00 11
12CAN 371Gord Galbraith Malcolm Smith LekkerRVYC [Overall][Corinthian] /0.00 12
13USA 332Wayne Pignolet Scruffy!SSA [Overall][Corinthian] /0.00 13
14USA 379Paul Krak Arntson NikitaTahoe Yacht Club [Overall][Corinthian] RDG/13.00 13
15USA 096Tom Greetham DistractionSTYC [Overall] /0.00 14
16832Rod Buck MYSTSysco [Overall][Corinthian] /0.00 15
17806Matt MacGregor Good EnoughSeattle Yacht Club [Overall][Corinthian] /0.00 16
18479Phillip Davis Shiraz USA 479LCYC [Overall] /0.00 17
19CAN 606Dunnery Best ShevaRoyal Victoria yacht Club [Overall][Corinthian] /0.00 18
20USA 417Alexander Krawarik RogueCYC Seattle [Overall] /0.00 19
21077Robert Harf BonesRichmond Yacht Club [Overall][Corinthian] /0.00 20
22620MANFRED SCHMIEDL BrioSeattle Yacht Club [Overall][Corinthian] /0.00 21
23330Ken Holland Blackadder v3.0Nanaimo Yacht Club [Overall][Corinthian] /0.00 22
24USA 352Edward deTar Banshee IIIlpyc [Overall] OCS/0.00 33
25CAN 218David Trigg Zenyatta MondattaWVYC [Overall] DNF/0.00 33
26CAN 015Alec Coleman Ocean PearlWest Vancouver Yacht Club [Overall][Corinthian] DNF/0.00 33
27415Robert Britten Full CircleRoyal Victoria Yacht Club [Overall][Corinthian] DNF/0.00 33
28801KC Shannon ShakaLLSC [Overall][Corinthian] DNF/0.00 33
29USA 675David Brede 12happythoughtsCYC Seattle [Overall] DNC/0.00 33
30USA 419Kent Picknell ApexDCYC [Overall] DNC/0.00 33
31CAN 631Thomas Garnier Mini meLos Angeles Yacht Club [Overall] DNC/0.00 33
32CAN 347Kathy Kushner Cool BeansTCYC [Overall][Corinthian] DNC/0.00 33

Race Information: Start Date/Time = July 19, 2017 03:32:40,
Principal Race Officer: Jarvis Brecker

Information is provisional and subject to modification

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