GSBYRA Junior Regatta at Long Island Yacht Club
Long Island Yacht Club | August 04, 2017

420, Division (29 boats)

Race 1
Race Information: Start Date/Time = August 04, 2017 00:00:00
PosSail SkipperCrewClubPenalty Pts
17868Nicholas Patin Sarah Jane O'Connor Point O' Woods/ Point O' Woods /0.00 1
26106Nick Hurley Elliot Flagg Point O' Woods/ Point O' Woods /0.00 2
32374George Sidamon-Eristoff Harry Stokes Point O' Woods / LISOT/ Point O' Woods /0.00 3
4WYS 6Emily Malpass Jessie Stoller Westhampton/ Westhampton /0.00 4
54590Andrew Deutsch Jack Egan Wet Pants/ Wet Pants /0.00 5
6NYC 3Declan Queenan Connor Queenan Narrasketuck/ Narrasketuck /0.00 6
72870James Vickery Tyler Meadows Southampton/ Southampton /0.00 7
84051Lindsay Lessing Barrett Lessing Sayville/ Sayville /0.00 8
91733Tim Cotroneo Sean Murphy Narrasketuck/ Narrasketuck /0.00 9
1051Jack OConnell Catie Surian Bay Shore/ Bay Shore /0.00 10
113Nate Brooks Delaney Peppito Babylon/ Babylon /0.00 11
126615Meghan Caraher Eric Gustafson Wet Pants/ Wet Pants /0.00 12
1366Ethan Deutsch Dominique Rinaldi Wet Pants/ Wet Pants /0.00 13
1471Kai Kromhout Rebecca Runyan Moriches/ Moriches /0.00 14
156537Lilly Jette Jack Delii-Pizzi Babylon/ Babylon /0.00 15
16WYS 5Kylie Cast Grace O'Hare Westhampton/ Westhampton /0.00 16
17WYS 4Emma Strebel Jade Jackey Westhampton/ /0.00 17
18WYS 7Alex Wilcenski Matthew Linehan Westhampton/ Westhampton /0.00 18
195064Tim Murphy Jenna Guerra Wet Pants/ Wet Pants /0.00 19
209Olivia Brooks Lainie Mullé Babylon/ Babylon /0.00 20
21NYC 1Dylan O'Donnel Brandon Farrell Narrasketuck/ Narrasketuck /0.00 21
22WYS 3Zachary Sparkes RJ Kern Westhampton/ Westhampton /0.00 22
232535Lucie Cunniffe Connor Teague Sayville/ Sayville /0.00 23
243-dotRyder Jones Frank Jones Sayville/ Sayville /0.00 24
252978Chase Bent Sean Tansey Point O' Woods/ Point O' Woods /0.00 25
266674August Stauffer Eamon Sweeney Point O' Woods/ Point O' Woods /0.00 26
27WYS 2Henry Smyth Ariane Grossman Westhampton/ Westhampton /0.00 27
286674Blake Bent Brooks Anderson Point O' Woods/ Point O' Woods /0.00 28
2918George Cheung Dylan Freedman Saltaire/ Saltaire DNS/0.00 30

Race Information: Start Date/Time = August 04, 2017 00:00:00,
Principal Race Officer: Noah Scarpa

Information is provisional and subject to modification

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