2017 Youth Invitational
Hyannis Yacht Club | August 09, 2017

Club 420, Division (54 boats)

Race 1
Race Information: Start Date/Time = August 09, 2017 00:00:00
PosSail SkipperCrewClubPenalty Pts
16296William Bailey Jack Szymanski CYC/ Chatham Yacht Club /0.00 1
28080Josh Dillon Drew Dillon WDYC/ WDYC /0.00 2
37261Pierce Sullivan Beth Kelly Stone Horse Yacht Club/ Stone Horse /0.00 3
48245Brooks Reed Trent Hesselman Hingham Yacht Club/ Hingham Yach Club /0.00 4
55168Helen Field Erin Gillis Dennis Yacht Club/ Dennis Yacht Club /0.00 5
62015Arthur Rabinovich Aly Mc Guinness Yarmouth Sailing/ Yarmouth Sailing /0.00 6
77035Aidan Biondi Andrew Bradshaw OYC/ OYC /0.00 7
86673Walter Sullivan Elizabeth Corney West Dennis/ WDYC /0.00 8
98081Olivia Michaud Emily Miller West Dennis Yacht Club/ West Dennis Yacht Club /0.00 9
107039Ryan de Lissovoy Matt Perugini Orleans Yacht Club/ OYC /0.00 10
117818Andrew Kelly Emma Sullivan Stone Horse/ Stone Horse Yacht Club /0.00 11
122014Joe Mirisola Kaden Gardiner Yarmouth Recreation/ Yarmouth Recreation /0.00 12
132016Charlie Mc Guinness Kenndal Swanson Yarmouth Recreational Center/ Yarmouth Recreational Center /0.00 13
146224Cornelius Bottomley Tucker Henry Bass River Yacht Club/ Tucker Henry /0.00 14
157306Warren Blair Cy Kurd Hyannis YC/ Hyannis Yacht Club HYC /0.00 15
168Carter Morin Sam Gulachenski HYC/ Hyannis Yacht Club /0.00 16
177032Paul Kuechler Brady Deschamps Orleans Yacht Club/ /0.00 17
181464Caroline Earnshaw Caroline Thompson WDYC/ West Dennis Yacht Club /0.00 18
195081Daniel Siegel Liam Lawless Orleans Yacht Club/ Orleans Yacht Club /0.00 19
207034Victoria Booth Madekine Ward Orleans Yacht Club/ /0.00 20
211013Grace Cotoia Lila Coffman HYC/ Hyannis Yacht Club /0.00 21
222941Ellie Earnshaw Ana Mastrocola WDYC/ West Dennis Yacht Club /0.00 22
237061Hank Bailey Owen Primeau Chatham Yacht Club/ CYC /0.00 23
246203Samir Stevenson Liam Somers Waquoit Bay Yacht Club/ Waquoit Bay Yacht Club /0.00 24
256197Lauren Cooper Ashley Cooper BRYC/ BRYC /0.00 25
261003Caleb Cotoia Chip Blair Hyannis Yacht Club/ Hyannis Yacht Club /0.00 26
271008Evan daSilva Charlie Kettlewell HYANNIS/ Hyannis Yacht Club /0.00 27
287161Andy Giaya Hannah Jaiswal Regatta Point Community Sailing/ Regatta Point Community Sailing /0.00 28
291011Olivia Demmin Ava Willis HYC/ Hyannis Yacht Club /0.00 29
301006Ellen Efstathiou Grazi Vezza Hyannis Yacht Club/ Hyannis Yacht Club /0.00 30
316576Sarah Alix Ryan FitzMaurice West Dennis Yacht Club/ West Dennis Yacht Club /0.00 31
3261971Andrew Shimmel Brett Gaughran BRYC/ BRYC /0.00 32
337158Ryan Vroman Dante Bois Regatta Point Community Sailing/ regatta point community sailing /0.00 33
348850Ryan Mackintire Chris Johnson WDYC/ /0.00 34
3562241sophia adams lydia barker bryc/ BRYC /0.00 35
367160Alexander Picard Cameron Plante Reggatta Point Community Sailing/ /0.00 36
372013Anthony Zappala Will Fox Yarmouth sailing/ Yarmouth Sailing /0.00 37
382012Myles Donovan Mika Gatt Yarmouth/ YSC /0.00 38
392017Luke Chamberlin Emma O'Donovan Yarmouth Sailing/ Yarmouth Sailing /0.00 39
401007Veronica Smith Olivia Wiatrowski Hyannis/ /0.00 40
411004Thomas Conaty Morgan Contrino HYC/ Grand Cove Yacht Club/ Hyannis Yacht Club /0.00 41
421701Nathan Power David Sadasivam Waquoit Bay Yacht Club/ Waquoit Bay Yacht Club /0.00 42
431000Dierdre Mullin Eleanor O'Toole Hyannis Yacht Club/ Hyannis Yacht Club /0.00 43
441001Brendan Houle Myles Bearse HYC/ HYC /0.00 44
4588Annabelle Kane Jordynn Johnson Wequaquet Lake Yacht Club/ Wequaquet Lake Yacht Club /0.00 45
462585Timothy Boston Jayden Hagerty BRYC/ Bass River /0.00 46
471robert nicholas Andrew Pathy great island yacht club/ /0.00 47
481798Luke Norton Mia Federico west dennis yacht club/ Wdyc /0.00 48
49369Jared Iseler Kevin Hodgdon WDYC/ West Dennis Yacht Club /0.00 49
507265Caleb Hirschfeld Aidan Chiang Great Island Yacht Club/ Great Island Yacht Club /0.00 50
511002Callie DeDecko Schuyler McMahon HYC/ Hyc DNS/0.00 55
527845Gus Richards William Nicholas Great Island/ Great Island DNS/0.00 55
53TBDBenjamin O'Toole William Martone Hyannis Yacht Club/ Hyannis Yacht Club DNC/0.00 55
541234Morgan Krauss Hammond Hearle Stage Harbor Yacht Club/ Stage Harbor Yacht Club DNC/0.00 55

Race Information: Start Date/Time = August 09, 2017 00:00:00,
Principal Race Officer: Patrick Broome

Information is provisional and subject to modification

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