Masters Midweek Madness 2008
US Sailing Center - Martin County | February 12-December 31, 1969

Laser (43 boats)

Race 2
Sail SkipperClubDiv.Penalty Pts
1187820John MacCausland Cooper River YC Master (M) /0.00 1
2185888Mike Matan Cedar Point Yacht Club Apprentice Master (M) /0.00 2
3187994Ari Barshi Laser Training Center Master (M) /0.00 3
4190308Peter BRANNING COCONUT GROVE SAILING CLUB Grand Master (M) /0.00 4
5175520Brian Raney Cedar Point YC Apprentice Master (M) /0.00 5
6175581Ryan Eric Minth C-VANE SAILING Apprentice Master (M) /0.00 6
7161100david frazier fbyc Grand Master (M) /0.00 7
8173988Jorge Abreu Avela Master (M) /0.00 8
9189804Mike Hecky Riverton YC Master (M) /0.00 9
10184559Fred Abels Seawanhaka Corintian YC Master (M) /0.00 10
11187844amnon gitelson c.p.y.c Grand Master (M) /0.00 11
1200Freddie Sambolin DST Master (M) /0.00 12
13184550Ted Morgan Severn Sailing Association Apprentice Master (M) /0.00 13
14181606Rene Bright SKBUe Great Grand Master (M) /0.00 14
15170776Gary Orkney Wadawanuck Club Grand Master (M) /0.00 15
16173712Eric Robbins Cedar Point YC Master (M) /0.00 16
17185307Bruce Snelling Wraysbury Lake Sailing Club Master (M) /0.00 17
18183826Bob Tan SSA Master (M) /0.00 18
1941411Joe van Rossem Water Rats Great Grand Master (M) /0.00 19
20181836David Hartman na Great Grand Master (M) /0.00 20
21187848Rob Koci Water Rats Sailing Club Master (M) /0.00 21
22158648Henry Dewolf Royal Turkey Great Grand Master (M) /0.00 22
23182395Al Russell MBBC Grand Master (M) /0.00 23
24186517Edward Rickard Cedar Point Great Grand Master (M) /0.00 24
25172971Newt Wattis Surf City YC Great Grand Master (M) /0.00 25
26189701Jack Pearce Barrie Yacht Club Great Grand Master (M) /0.00 26
27178612Sally Sharp Shaker Village Sailing Club Grand Master (F) /0.00 27
28189774Finn Hassing none Grand Master (M) /0.00 28
29168594George Sechrist ODC Great Grand Master (M) /0.00 29
30189470Richard Leland none Master (M) /0.00 30
31188139Bill Mitchell Austin Yacht Club Grand Master (M) /0.00 31
32125088Marvin Pozefsky Cedar Point Yacht Club Great Grand Master (M) /0.00 32
33166970Cindy Taylor N/A Master (F) /0.00 33
34166998Mike Taylor N/A Master (M) /0.00 34
35155255Douglas Bargar Chautauqua Yacht Club Master (M) /0.00 35
36191918John Fox Melbourne YC Grand Master (M) /0.00 36
37188672Gabriel Porzecanski US Sailing Center Miami Apprentice Master (M) /0.00 37
38177668David Keane White Bear Yacht Club Grand Master (M) /0.00 38
39156684Hollis Caffee N/A Grand Master (M) /0.00 39
40185485Andrew Buller Lake Charles Yacht Club Master (M) DNC/0.00 44
41185852Charlie Buller Lake Charles YC,Lake Charles, La Master (M) DNC/0.00 44
42177349Janet Rupert Leatherlips YC Master (F) DNC/0.00 44
43181220John Weiss White Bear Yacht Club Master (M) DNF/0.00 44

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