2018 USA Junior Olympic Sailing Festival
US Sailing Center of Martin County | December 01, 2018

Club 420 (40 boats)

Race 4
Race Information: Start Date/Time = December 01, 2018 00:00:00
PosSail SkipperCrewClubPenalty Pts
18431Mitchell Callahan Justin Callahan Outfit Sailing/ Outfit Sailing / US Sailing Center Miami /0.00 1
28543Danny Hughes Maddie Hughes Outfit Sailing/ CRYC/ Outfit Sailing/ CRYC /0.00 2
37721Will Michels Louis La Fontisee IV Coral Reef Yacht Club/ Biscayne Bay Yacht Club /0.00 3
4702Mia Nicolosi Katherine Majette STYC/ STYC /0.00 4
57615Lourdes Gallo Ashley Delisser Coral Reef Yacht Club/ Coral Reef Yacht Club /0.00 5
617615Enzo Menditto Adam Kaplan Coral Reef Yacht Club/ CRYC /0.00 6
78433Garrett Merganthaler Chloe Hudgins usscmc/ USSCMC /0.00 7
85634Lachlain McGranahan Ryan Kronrad Outfit Sailing/ Outfit Sailing /0.00 8
99Spencer Kriegstein Sophia Fogarty Centerport YC/ Bellport YC /0.00 9
108434Javier Garcon Griffin Clark Coral Reef Yacht Club/ CRYC /0.00 10
118141J.J. (Jessica) Smith John Matthew Mason Sarasota Youth Sailing/spyc/ Sarasota Youth Sailing /0.00 11
127169Helen Horangic Theodora Horangic CRYC / RNSYS/ CRYC / RNSYS /0.00 12
138140Mia Hanes Will Murray Sarasota YS/ SYS /0.00 13
141102John Wood Brianna Ross CRYC/ Coral Reef Yacht Club /0.00 14
158122Enrique Gaston Lilliana Bonner Coral Reef Yacht Club/ Coral Reef Yacht Club /0.00 15
168135Mateo Rodriguez Sophia Wicks CCSC/ CCSC /0.00 16
178429Kingsley Ehrich Katelyn Herter US Sailing Center Martin County/ US Sailing Center Martin County /0.00 17
188115Kyle Bramson Brilan Christopher Coral Reef Yacht Club/ CRYC RDG/17.00 17
198614Bryce Tone Garrett Dixon SYS/ Lauderdale Yacht Club /0.00 18
207007Grace Squires Michaela O'Donnell Hoover Sailing Club/ Hoover Sailing Club /0.00 19
217217Lauren Russler Harper Elmslie CRYC/ CRYC /0.00 20
228105Ry Menke John Michel DIYC/ Davis Island /0.00 21
237Savannah Young Alexis Young STYC/ STYC /0.00 22
248430Katelyn McGauley Roberto Lugones Coral Reef Yacht Club/ Coral Reef Yacht Club /0.00 23
258119Peter Foley Carolina Gaston Coral Reef Yacht Club/ Coral Reef Yacht Club /0.00 24
267714Cole Degner Sara Lemba usscmc/ USSCMC /0.00 25
277658Adrian Winkelman Nicolas Tave CCSC/ Clearwater Community Sailing Center /0.00 26
288136Larry Thomas Nikki Gay Clearwater Community Sailing Center/ CCSC /0.00 27
297212Robert Diemar Jake Julien CRYC/ CRYC /0.00 28
307843Fred DeBiase Dina Coletti USSCMC/ USSCMC /0.00 29
317665Aden Anderson Luke King Sarasota Youth Sailing/ Sarasota Youth Sailing /0.00 30
3225Mason Sullivan Camden Sullivan Sarasota Youth Sailing/ Sarasota Youth Sailing /0.00 31
337710Kenan Walsh Siena Pollis US sailing Center Martin County/ USSCMC /0.00 32
342011Garrett Brooks Spencer Brooks DIYC/ DIYC /0.00 33
358520Claire Miller Noelle Dennis DIYC/ DIYC /0.00 34
364Ian Iles-Lee

Damian Uzonwanne
diysf/ DIYC
/0.00 35
37125Tyler Morris Jeremy Jones Coral Reef Yacht Club/ Coral Reef Yacht Club /0.00 36
387267Ava Edinger Kaden Nyilas Davis Island Yacht Club/ Davis Island Yacht Club DNF/0.00 41
3916Pharaoh Tyehimba Ryan Gray Davis island yacht club/ DIYC DNS/0.00 41
40001Jesse Anderson Sarasota Youth Sailing DNC/0.00 41

Race Information: Start Date/Time = December 01, 2018 00:00:00,

Information is final.

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