Laser Masters Midwinters
US Sailing Center - Martin County | March 12-15, 2019

Laser Radial (32 boats)

Race 4
Race Information: Start Date/Time = March 12, 2019 00:00:00
Sail SkipperClubDiv.Penalty Pts
1214620David Waiting Severn Sailing Association [Apprentice Master] /0.00 1
2185917Leigh Savage Crescent Sail YC [Grand Master] /0.00 2
3183856Sean Guinness KYC [Master] /0.00 3
4211596Bob Tan SSA [Grand Master] /0.00 4
5161100David Frazier FBYC Essex CT [Great Grand Master] /0.00 5
6210660Walt Spevak StFYC, Okoboji YC [Grand Master] /0.00 6
7189811Peter Seidenberg Sail Newport [Great Grand Master] /0.00 7
8185518Hal Gilreath Florida [Grand Master] /0.00 8
9199916David Hartman NOMAD [Great Grand Master] /0.00 9
10171628Ken Swetka Crescent Sail YC [Grand Master] /0.00 10
11208107Finn Hassing ODC [Great Grand Master] /0.00 11
12206154monica wilson usscmc [Master] /0.00 12
13177661Dixon Pearce Surf City YC [Grand Master] /0.00 13
14199142Newton Wattis Surf City YC [Great Grand Master] /0.00 14
15206135Natalie Burls Severn Sailing Association [Apprentice Master] /0.00 15
1640215Stephen Kosacz Piscataqua Sailing Association [Great Grand Master] /0.00 16
17185863Julie Stewart SHYC/USSMC [Master] /0.00 17
18170313Robert Voeller USSCMC [Grand Master] /0.00 18
19210668Jay Winberg Corinthian Yacht Club [Great Grand Master] /0.00 19
20211514AMNON GITELSON cpyc [Great Grand Master] /0.00 20
21180536Steven Cofer Severn Sailing Association [Great Grand Master] /0.00 21
22212132Rob Hodson WSC [Grand Master] /0.00 22
23139027Ryan Bennett MLC [Apprentice Master] /0.00 23
24121238Martha Coolidge Kollegewidgewok yacht club [Master] DNC/0.00 33
25171880Steven Schwartz Coconut Grove Sailing Club [Great Grand Master] DNF/0.00 33
26176087Victoria Gibb Glenmar Sailing Association [Great Grand Master] DNF/0.00 33
27193965Jim Knab Rehoboth Bay SA [Grand Master] DNF/0.00 33
28194610Keith Barron Potomac River Sailing Association [Grand Master] DNF/0.00 33
29205445Natalya Gontcharova CPYC [Master] DNF/0.00 33
30211640Lindsay Hewitt Cold Spring Harbor Beach Club [Great Grand Master] DNF/0.00 33
31212124Stanton Smith Severn Sailing Association [Grand Master] DNF/0.00 33
321881188jim irwin riverton yc [Great Grand Master] DNF/0.00 33

Race Information: Start Date/Time = March 12, 2019 00:00:00,
Principal Race Officer: Charlie MacNider

Information is final.

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