2019 DF65 Iceberg Series
Chicago Yacht Club |

DragonForce 65 (30 boats)

Race 12 | March 16, 2019
Race Information: Start Date/Time = March 16, 2019 00:00:00
PosSail SkipperBoatClubPenalty Pts
1903John Leahey CYC /0.00 1
2980Michael Frerker BrassMonkey2ElectricBugalooChicago /0.00 2
357Lee Edwards USA 57Chicago Yacht Club /0.00 3
496Daniel Burns BLUEHHOCYC /0.00 4
5393Stephen Krasowski ColYC /0.00 5
6600Chuck Lamphere USA 600Chicago Yacht Club /0.00 6
7161Leonard Nowak Chicago Yacht Club /0.00 7
8421Gordo Lampher Lil YachtyChicago Yacht Club DNF/0.00 8
920Mitch Polgar USA 20Chicago Corinthian YC DNC/0.00 10
1035Lizzie Janicek Dire WolfCYC DNC/0.00 10
1156Peter Nielsen Remotey McBoatfaceColYC DNC/0.00 10
1284Eric Rietz Lake Beulah DNC/0.00 10
1392Bill Easom Cigare volant jrChicago yacht club DNC/0.00 10
14111Peter Schwarzbach Chicago Corinthian Yacht Club DNC/0.00 10
15117Ben Marden BanterCCYC DNC/0.00 10
16143Rod Salazar MahalN/A DNC/0.00 10
17155Ken Nordine Chicago DNC/0.00 10
18245Jim Caesar CCYC DNC/0.00 10
19292Bart Heimlich MsDirectedCYC DNC/0.00 10
20300Scott Eisenhardt KhaleesiMilwaukee Yacht Club DNC/0.00 10
21336Lloyd Karzen TaipanCyc DNC/0.00 10
22400Duncan Lamphere USA 400Chicago Yacht Club DNC/0.00 10
23515Rick Lillie Water DragonChicago Yacht Club DNC/0.00 10
24689Rosemary Metzger JediMetzger Rosemary DNC/0.00 10
25695Jim DeYoung Aldonza LigeraChicago Yacht Club DNC/0.00 10
26714Chuck Fogel CCYC DNC/0.00 10
27831George Dorsch GiggityColYC DNC/0.00 10
281217Justin Kalb Floating ArgumentColumbia Yacht Club DNC/0.00 10
293805Alice Martin DragonKillerColumbia/Chicago DNC/0.00 10
308058Liz Emery emeryej@gmail.com DNC/0.00 10

Race Information: Start Date/Time = March 16, 2019 00:00:00,
Principal Race Officer: Darcy Cook

Information is provisional and subject to modification

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