GSBYRA Junior Regatta at Wet Pants Sailing Association
Wet Pants Sailing Association | July 19, 2019

420 (27 boats)

Race 6
Race Information: Start Date/Time = July 19, 2019 00:00:00
PosSail SkipperCrewClubPenalty Pts
15048Bridget Sisk Eva Leggett Bellport Bay/ /0.00 1
24051Lindsay Lessing Nora O’Donnell Sayville Yacht Club/ /0.00 2
3WYS 4Jack Schultz Arden Fluehr Westhampton Yacht Squadron/ /0.00 3
46615Colin Caraher Conor McGrath Wet Pants/ /0.00 4
5WYS 6Daniel Hale Richard Kern Westhampton/ /0.00 5
66537Lilly Jette Isabella Seminario babylon yacht club/ /0.00 6
7121CONNOR Cameron Aidan Cameron Sayville Yacht Club/ /0.00 7
84657Terrance Byrnes Barrett Lessing Sayville Yacht Club/ /0.00 8
97596Ben Metcalfe Brett Dobert Bellport Bay/ /0.00 9
10WYS 8Henry Smyth Jade Jackey Westhampton Yacht Squadron/ /0.00 10
112527Reece Lynch Evan Chakrabarti Bellport Bay/ /0.00 11
126101trevor palmiotto sydney palmetto point o woods/ /0.00 12
1331Henry Ryan Rebecca Runyun MYC/ /0.00 13
14SYC 8Kyle Malone Chase Lessing Sayville Yacht Club/ /0.00 14
151 SYCErin O’Donnell Kate Lemery Sayville/ /0.00 15
1666Ethan Deutsch Zach Yovino Wet pants sailing association/ /0.00 16
174590Emily Rosado Maggie Mongiello Wet Pants/ /0.00 17
18WYS 7Emma Strebel Laurel Wilcenski Westhampton/ /0.00 18
191966Avery Cripe Conor Roddy Bay Shore Yacht Club/ /0.00 19
2023Mia Brandenstein Lars Heimlich Babylon/ DNC/0.00 28
21411Declan Queenan Liam Lepre Narrasketuck Yacht Club/ DNC/0.00 28
221394Sofia Scarpa Thomas Gallant Narrasketuck Yacht Club/ DNC/0.00 28
231967Jackson Mendolia Ryan Naslonski Bay Shore yacht club/ DNC/0.00 28
241969Joey Termini Spencer Asofsky Bay shore/ DNC/0.00 28
254575Elizabeth Bossert Jenna Johnson Wet Pants Sailing Association/ DNC/0.00 28
266050Taylor Amato Wet Pants Sailing DNC/0.00 28
277868Andre Patin Miranda Torres Point O' Woods/ DNC/0.00 28

Race Information: Start Date/Time = July 19, 2019 00:00:00,
Principal Race Officer: Barbara Whitbread

Information is provisional and subject to modification

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