2019 Thistle Great Lakes Championship
The Cleveland Yachting Club | June 29-30, 2019

Thistle (47 boats)

Race 6
Race Information: Start Date/Time = June 29, 2019 00:00:00
PosSail SkipperCrewBoatClubPenalty Pts
14005Lee Sackett 4005EYC /0.00 1
23854Andrew Gallagher ShamelessMentor Harbor Yacht Club /0.00 2
33954Chris Wilson Elmer's GlueSeneca Yacht Club /0.00 3
44043Doug Kaukeinen Bone BrokeRochester Canoe Club /0.00 4
54027Ben France Woke up feeling dangerousEdgewater YC /0.00 5
61784Jesse Shedden N/A /0.00 6
73678William Lawson Oh Stanley!Severn Sailing Association /0.00 7
83896Aaron Holland Affirmative ActionSeneca Yacht Club /0.00 8
93859Frederick Bauer ShadowsThe Cleveland Yachting Club /0.00 9
103687Adam Gilbertson MOOOO COWEdgewater Yacht Club /0.00 10
113704Ron Sherry JESCrescent Sail Yacht Club /0.00 11
121911Jack Harris Die Rote BootTHE Cleveland Yachting Club TLE/12.00 12
133766Ethan Taylor BarracudaNorth Cape Yacht Club TLE/12.00 12
143990Stuart Fisher Happy FamilyHoover Sailing Club TLE/12.00 12
151Christopher Klotz PaukieSt. Petersburg Sailing Center DNC/0.00 48
163890Thomas Hubbell Alma & LouiseHoover Sailing Club DNC/0.00 48
173875John Shockey Wombmates RacingVermilion Boat Club DNC/0.00 48
18376Wayne Pignolet AmnesiaSandpoint Sailing Association DNF/0.00 48
192503Margot Dugan Cleveland Yacht Club DNF/0.00 48
203551Robert Mansuetto SuettShopThe Cleveland Yachting Club DNF/0.00 48
213555Rhea Nicholas Rhea NicholasRhea Nicholas DNF/0.00 48
223799Jack Hunger Alex Whipple
Max Lopez
Touch of GreySan Francisco Yacht Club/
DNF/0.00 48
231055Mike Lovett The SledBay Boat Club DNC/0.00 48
241853Matt Kreuzkamp PeregrineHousatonic Boat Club DNC/0.00 48
252354Brent Barbehenn Full Metal JacketCooper River YC DNC/0.00 48
262770Ashlin Fegen Put-in-Bay Yacht Club DNC/0.00 48
273035Bronislaw Gober WIM Cleveland DNC/0.00 48
283144Will Weible GandalfThe Cleveland Yachting Club DNC/0.00 48
293433Corinne Sackett The Black Pearl DNC/0.00 48
303720Riley McLaughlin CirculateMentor Harbor Yacht Club DNC/0.00 48
313738Neal Reeves Crescent DNC/0.00 48
323744Edwin Duckworth warren duckworth
john duckworth
de'ja vuberlin yacht club/
DNC/0.00 48
333764Elizabeth Barker Your MomVermilion Boat Club DNC/0.00 48
343838Chris Holzaepfel LYC DNC/0.00 48
353862Bryn Clark ClaymoreOtsego Sailing Club DNC/0.00 48
363893Steve Lavender Pirate RadioHoover Sailing Club DNC/0.00 48
373903Conor Ruppen Emmy LouBYC DNC/0.00 48
383905Peter Frissell NCYC DNC/0.00 48
393943Mike Delaney Blew EyesNEYC DNC/0.00 48
403944Thor Krembel ThunderCrescent Sail Yacht Club DNC/0.00 48
413945Jack Finefrock BananawindBerlin Yacht Club DNC/0.00 48
423993Brad Russell AfflictedLNYC DNC/0.00 48
434003Mike McBride Kimberly Pasley
Noah Porschart
Hot TubHoover Sailing Club/
DNC/0.00 48
444024Everett Baker EllieSeneca Yacht Ckub DNC/0.00 48
454028Craig Koschalk Proper VillianzNorth Cape Yacht Club DNC/0.00 48
464046Brian Joyce Ghost PepperCedar Point Yacht Club DNC/0.00 48
474053Kevin Arrow Kevin ArrowIBYC DNC/0.00 48

Race Information: Start Date/Time = June 29, 2019 00:00:00,
Principal Race Officer: Mike Vining

Information is provisional and subject to modification

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