2020 Laser Masters Midwinters East
US Sailing Center - Martin County | February 04-07, 2020

Laser (50 boats)

Race 9
Race Information: Start Date/Time = February 04, 2020 00:00:00
PosSail SkipperClubDiv.Penalty Pts
1212128Peter Shope Sail Newport / Fleet 413 [Grand Master] /0.00 1
2209075Gord Welsh Stony Lake Yacht Club [Apprentice Master] /0.00 2
3212867David Hiebert USSCMC/FWBC [Master] /0.00 3
4213699Alan Davis Oxford Sailing Club [Grand Master] /0.00 4
5215009Peter Vessella Saint Francis [Grand Master] /0.00 5
6210690Robert Hallawell USSCMC [Master] /0.00 6
7209265Michael Hicks Queen Mary Sailing Club [Great Grand Master] /0.00 7
8195867Tim Law Salcombe yacht club [Grand Master] /0.00 8
9193348Dave Wells Rothesay YC [Grand Master] /0.00 9
10212872Dave Chapin LESC [Grand Master] /0.00 10
11213323Wolfgang Gerz SVW [Great Grand Master] /0.00 11
12217350Greg Tawaststjerna NYYC & PBSC [Grand Master] /0.00 12
13212934Mark Bear New Bedford Yacht Club/ Sail Newport [Grand Master] /0.00 13
14208391Ian Elliott Royal Victoria Yacht Club, SALSA [Apprentice Master] /0.00 14
15214922Rick Wood USSCMC [Grand Master] /0.00 15
16180088Jorge Abreu Avela [Great Grand Master] /0.00 16
17210323Scott Pakenham Laser Fleet 413, IHYC, Sail Newport [Master] /0.00 17
18194620James Jacob SSA [Grand Master] /0.00 18
19188095David Schoene Severn Sailing Association [Grand Master] /0.00 19
20212116William Dickey PBSC [Master] /0.00 20
21189137Jim Campbell Calgary Yacht Club [Grand Master] /0.00 21
22194033Will Donaldson Sail Newport [Master] /0.00 22
23210631Donald Hahl Brant Beach YC [Great Grand Master] /0.00 23
24209082Michael Hooper Calgary Yacht Club [Grand Master] /0.00 24
25205386phil paxton CYC [Great Grand Master] /0.00 25
26211825Terence Britton KYC [Grand Master] /0.00 26
27125090Chris Boome SSC [Great Grand Master] /0.00 27
28213877David Elliott Calgary Yacht Club [Great Grand Master] /0.00 28
29213965Mike Colbert ssa [Master] /0.00 29
30156631Eric Johnson Severn Sailing Association [Grand Master] DNC/0.00 51
31148392Erik Langendal Shelter Island [Apprentice Master] DNF/0.00 51
32158670Ron Thompson * [Grand Master] DNF/0.00 51
33166047John Dawson-Edwards Castaways Sailing Club [Great Grand Master] DNF/0.00 51
34173996Bill MCKENZIE PBSC [Great Grand Master] DNF/0.00 51
35183779Robert Weiss ** [Grand Master] DNF/0.00 51
36194540Buzzy Heausler BWYC [Grand Master] DNF/0.00 51
37194567Timothy Millhiser Madison Beach Club [Great Grand Master] DNF/0.00 51
38195478Mike Moore Diego Garcia Yacht Club [Grand Master] DNF/0.00 51
39197564William Mulloy Calgary Yacht Club [Grand Master] DNF/0.00 51
40199937Len Guenther Fishing Bay YC [Grand Master] DNF/0.00 51
41200405edward john severn sailing association [Great Grand Master] DNF/0.00 51
42216553Nabeel Alsalam Potomac River Sailing Association [Great Grand Master] DNF/0.00 51
43830533Charles Stanley Cedar Point YC [Grand Master] BFD-DNE/0.00% 51
44190449Dave Penfield Hyannis Yacht Club [Great Grand Master] BFD/0.00% 51
45210648David Hillmyer Sarasota Sailing Squadron [Master] BFD/0.00% 51
46213463Guy Noble Queen Mary Sailing Club [Grand Master] BFD/0.00% 51
47214415Chris Ellyatt Queen Mary SC [Grand Master] BFD/0.00% 51
48216299Patrick Wachholz BYC [Master] BFD/0.00% 51
49216332Philippe Dormoy Beaconsfield Yacht Club [Grand Master] BFD/0.00% 51
50209712Wayne Colahan USSCMC [Grand Master] BFD/0.00% 51

Race Information: Start Date/Time = February 04, 2020 00:00:00,
Principal Race Officer: Charlie MacNider

Information is final.

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