Falmouth Regatta
Falmouth Yacht Club |

C420 (32 boats)

Race 9 | July 25, 2009
BowSail SkipperCrewClubPenalty Pts
13435William Felder Christina Wiley Vineyard Haven Yacht Club/ Vineyard Haven Yacht Club /0.00 1
265521Nick Dragone Connor Murphy Falmouth Yacht Club/ Falmouth Yacht Club /0.00 2
329F5Ryan Healy Lindsey Kennett Falmouth Yacht Club/ Falmouth /0.00 3
4233532Andrew Turgeon Caroline Russell Buzzards Yacht Club/ Buzzards Yacht Club /0.00 4
5155894Helen Lord Bianca Dragone Quissett Yacht Club/ Falmouth /0.00 5
6105753Connor Ventling Nicholas Van Antwerp NCS/ NCS /0.00 6
784079Keegan Flynn MacKenzie MacRae Wild Harbor Yacht Club/ Wild Harbor /0.00 7
841026Jesse Byrne Jesse Kanaley Wild Harbor Yacht Club/ Wild Harbor Yacht Club /0.00 8
912ess2Charles Plumb hannah spalding Edgewood Yacht Club/ edgewood yacht club /0.00 9
1033S525Scott Calnan Laura Murley Scituate Harbor Yacht Club/ Scituate Harbor YC /0.00 10
11165052Sarah Keane Alison Mitchell Beverly Yacht Club/ BYC /0.00 11
123031Adam Ryder Eliias Clough Vineyard Haven Yacht Club/ VHY /0.00 12
131007Ryan Morrison Christopher Morrison BRYC/ Black Rock Yacht Club /0.00 13
14174643Alex Levin Anthony Santos Sandy Bay Yacht Club/ Sandy Bay Yacht Club /0.00 14
152539Rebecca Simonetti April Harff Vineyard Haven Yacht Club/ vhy /0.00 15
1652415Andrew Morrissey Jonathan Simonds Falmouth Yacht Club/ Falmouth Yacht Club /0.00 16
17224653Joanna Clark Amelia Quinn Sandy Bay Yacht Club/ Sandy Bay Yacht Club /0.00 17
18191724Tim Harding Meg Harding Falmouth Yacht Club/ Falmouth Yacht Club /0.00 18
1913superdHenry Spalding Eliza Coogan Edgewood Sailing School/ Edgewood Sailing School /0.00 19
2026190Samantha Bauer Katherine Donegan Vineyard Haven Yacht Club/ VHYC /0.00 20
21245038Billy O'Donnell Will Coates Annisquam Yacht Club/ Annisquam /0.00 21
223758Alex Keane Seth McNay Beverly Yacht Club/ Beverly Yacht Club /0.00 22
2371723Chris Quincy Tim Holland Falmouth Yacht Club/ Falmouth Yacht Club /0.00 23
2421F6Sean Stivaletta Cody Whalen Falmouth Yacht Club/ Falmouth /0.00 24
25359Karen Tracy Amanda Anastasia Courageous Sailing Center/ Courageous Sailing Center /0.00 25
262734Rebecca Colson Nathaniel Lamkin Vineyard Haven Yacht Club/ IJS /0.00 26
2732s215Patrick Kearney Rachel Guard Scituate Harbor/ Scituate /0.00 27
28185012Brandon Blaesser Katherine Downey Beverly Yacht Club/ Beverly Yacht Club /0.00 28
2937c4Stephenson Lee connor seeley Chapaquoit Yacht Club/ Chapaquoit Yacht Club /0.00 29
3094497William Duffy Grace Mcnally Wild Harbor Yacht Club/ WHYC /0.00 30
31315025Gray Walker Chris McManus Annisqum Yacht Club/ Annisquam /0.00 31
321109Rebecca Race allison medina Beverly Yacht Club/ beverly Yacht Club DNS/0.00 33

Principal Race Officer: Rob Richard

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