2009 Duxbury Bay Opti Regatta
Duxbury Bay Maritime School |

Optimist (32 boats)

Race 9 | July 25, 2009
PosSail SkipperClubDiv.Penalty Pts
116417Alexander Stewart DBMS/FAST [Red][Champ] /0.00 1
216310Carter Pemberton Wianno/FAST [Blue][Champ] /0.00 2
317115Gabrielle Rizika Wianno [Blue][Champ] /0.00 3
417928Sean Healy DBMS/FAST [Red][Champ] /0.00 4
517840Christopher Champa Wianno Yacht Club [Red][Champ] /0.00 5
6USA 21Grant DeWald DBMS [Red][Champ] /0.00 6
712082Perry Lawson duxbury bay maritime [Blue][Champ] /0.00 7
82805Nicholas Stewart DBMS/FAST [White][Champ] /0.00 8
914026Carter Simard Chapoquoit Yacht Club [Red][Champ] /0.00 9
109180Madeline Foote DBMS [Blue][Champ] /0.00 10
1115680Peter Steo Rochester Yacht Club [Blue][Champ] /0.00 11
1299Matthew Dyroff DBMS [Red][Champ] /0.00 12
1388Caroline Finnegan DBMS [Red][Champ] /0.00 13
1412541Peter McMillan Rochester Yacht Club [Blue][Champ] /0.00 14
1515237Matthew Kearney Scituate Harbor Yacht Club [Blue][Champ] /0.00 15
163David O'Toole DBMS [Blue][Champ] /0.00 16
17PJ1Grace DeWald DBMS [Red][Champ] /0.00 17
18420brie Lawson duxbury bay maritime [White][Champ] DNF/0.00 30
1920Robert Brook DBMS [Red][Champ] DNS/0.00 30
2055Marshall Pollack DBMS [White][Champ] DNS/0.00 30
2182Lauren Healy DBMS [White][Champ] DNS/0.00 30
22302Caleb Keohan DBMS [Blue][Champ] DNS/0.00 30
233553Kyle Gundersen Cohasset Yacht Club [Red][Champ] DNS/0.00 30
243678Christopher O'Toole DBMS [Blue][Champ] DNS/0.00 30
254456John Robert Lawless Rochester YAcht Club [Blue][Champ] DNS/0.00 30
265268John Mastrandrea Rochester Yacht Club [Blue][Champ] DNS/0.00 30
275463Carly Gundersen Cohasset Yacht Club [Blue][Champ] DNS/0.00 30
2814074Olivia Simard Chapoquoit Yacht Club [White][Champ] DNS/0.00 30
2916548Boryana Doyle Satuit Boat Club [Blue][Champ] DNS/0.00 30
301883Michael Mastrandrea Rochester Yacht Club [White][Champ] DNC/0.00 33
312274Bridget Catherine Lawless Lawless Rochester YAcht Club [White][Champ] DNC/0.00 33
3213901Christina Tedeschi Cohasset YC [Red][Champ] DNC/0.00 33

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