St. Thomas International Optimist Regatta and TOTE Clinic
St. Thomas Yacht Club - St. Thomas, VI | June 14-20, 2021

Opti Championship Fleet (82 boats)

Race 2
Race Information: Start Date/Time = June 14, 2021 00:00:00
PosSail SkipperClubDiv.Penalty Pts
2USA 17412Richard Sykes LISOT/ Riverside Yacht Club Red /0.00 2
3PUR 1802Jose Guillermo Diaz Club NĂ¡utico de San Juan Red /0.00 3
4USA 20401Jonathon Schwartz Coral Reef Yacht Club Red /0.00 4
5USA 21555Sophie De Leon Urban Cryc Red /0.00 5
6PUR 1408Gian Marco Piovanetti CNSJ/CRYC Red /0.00 6
7USA 18309Kyla BENESCH cryc Blue /0.00 7
8ISV 220Audrey Zimmerman STYC Blue /0.00 8
9USA 22750Beck Brill Coral Reef Yacht Club Blue /0.00 9
10USA 23115Emilio Bocanegra LYC Blue /0.00 10
11USA 22588Alfonso Lanseros Coral Reef Yacht Club Blue /0.00 11
12USA 20411Brody WOOD Coral Reef Yacht Club Red /0.00 12
13PUR 4080Alejandro Ferrer CNSJ Red /0.00 13
14PUR 3207Amaru Soler CNSJ Red /0.00 14
15USA 20879Katlia Sherman California Yacht Club Red /0.00 15
16USA 22906Pierce Weber Lauderdale Yacht Club Blue /0.00 16
17USA 22590Connor Karr Coral Reef Yacht Club Blue /0.00 17
18USA 19633Charlotte Cundey LOOT Red /0.00 18
19USA 17409Helena Borcherding BHC Red /0.00 19
20USA 20796Ava McAliley Coral Reef Yacht Club Blue /0.00 20
21USA 17007Sebastian Johan van de Kreeke CRYC Red /0.00 21
22USA 22711Thomas O'Grady Noroton YC Red /0.00 22
23USA 22942Gavin Galway Lakewood YC Red /0.00 23
24USA 20662Amelon Rule HYC/ LOOT Blue /0.00 24
25USA 20398Gwendolyn Woodbury Sarasota Yacht Club Red /0.00 25
26USA 19350Finnegan Grainger CRYC Blue /0.00 26
27ISV 540Halina Diehl STYC Red /0.00 27
28USA 22604Elizabeth Xydas Coral Reef Yacht Club Blue /0.00 28
29USA 21169Yann Menard SFYC / LOOT Red /0.00 29
30USA 22208Natalie Gaver CERT Blue /0.00 30
31ISV 642Coby Fagan STYC Blue /0.00 31
32USA 19580Casey Small Lakewood Blue /0.00 32
33USA 22943Arthur Meade Southern Yacht Club Blue /0.00 33
34USA 17255Harrison Szot Bay Head Yacht Club Blue /0.00 34
35USA 22470Luca Damiano LYC Blue /0.00 35
36USA 21295Matthew Black LEHYC/cert Red /0.00 36
37PUR 73Sebastian Torres CNSJ Red /0.00 37
38USA 21324Estella Morris American Yacht Club Blue /0.00 38
39USA 22916Sydney Stoldt LEHYC/CERT Red /0.00 39
40USA 1578Oliver Woodbury Sarasota Yacht Club Blue /0.00 40
41USA 22111Patrick McNamara Lakewood Yacht Club White /0.00 41
42USA 21337William Michael Lakewood Yacht Club White /0.00 42
43CAN 1825Alia Dennis Lakewood Yacht Club C/PCYC Blue /0.00 43
44USA 22961Eliza Corral LOOT Red /0.00 44
45ISV 187Howard Zimmerman STYC White /0.00 45
46USA 17036Sadie Bolton Avalon yacht club CERT Red /0.00 46
47USA 22448Travis Greenberg Satuit Boat Club Blue /0.00 47
48ISV 407Santiago brunt Styc Red /0.00 48
49USA 22681Rohwan Singh-Tauber Lakewood YC Blue /0.00 49
50USA 8471Jack Meade Southern Yacht Club White /0.00 50
51USA 23165Sophia Alexopoulos Lisot / RYC Blue /0.00 51
52USA 19291Avery Beck Indian Harbor/LISOT Red /0.00 52
53USA 22665Miles Gordon California Yacht Club White /0.00 53
54USA 23153Ethan Wenokur california yacht club Blue /0.00 54
55USA 23108Isabel Veiga Lauderdale YC Blue /0.00 55
56USA 21855Kailee Moure Coral Reef Yacht Club White /0.00 56
57USA 20402Will Barnhart Coral Reef Yacht Club Red UFD/0.00 83
58PUR 5206Roger Casellas Club NĂ¡utico de San Juan Red UFD/0.00 83
59ANT 5050Diego Ewinger Antigua Yacht Club Blue UFD/0.00 83
60USA 22754Dylan Tomko Lakewood Blue UFD/0.00 83
61CAY 1027Allie Capasso Lauderdale Yacht Club/ CISC Red UFD/0.00 83
62USA 23100Jackson Wilcox Lauderdale Yacht Club Red UFD/0.00 83
63USA 14898Rosie Simpson LOOT Red UFD/0.00 83
64USA 18951Aidan McKoin Southern Yacht Club Red UFD/0.00 83
65USA 22853Wylder Smith LOOT Red UFD/0.00 83
66USA 12087Noah Gautier Southern Yacht Club Blue UFD/0.00 83
67ISV 312Emma Walters St. Thomas Yacht Club Blue UFD/0.00 83
68USA 22574Thomas Zaydon CRYC Blue UFD/0.00 83
69USA 20465Sydney Small Lakewood Blue UFD/0.00 83
70USA 15973Ian Farley Lakewood YC Blue UFD/0.00 83
71USA 19257Harrison Gandy Cryc Blue UFD/0.00 83
72USA 21699Alexandra Kolaya Coral Reef Yacht Club Blue UFD/0.00 83
73USA 14135Alexandra Bugacov California Yacht Club White NSC/0.00 83
74USA 22490Ewan Dossin Lakewood Yacht Club Red RET/0.00 83
75USA 22969Jason Folvig Sarasota Yacht Club/CERT Red RET/0.00 83
76USA 21762Wyatt Lipp LOOT / LYC / CYC Blue RET/0.00 83
77USA 22996Josh Folvig Sarasota Yacht Club/CERT Blue RET/0.00 83
78ISV 425John Brooks STYC White UFD/0.00 83
79CAN 1818Andi Kinnear BYC/PCYC Red RET/0.00 83
80USA 22955Fischer Smith LOOT White RET/0.00 83
81USA 21853Miles Cundey LOOT Blue UFD/0.00 83
82USA 22959Sander Block Coral Reef Yacht Club Blue UFD/0.00 83

Race Information: Start Date/Time = June 14, 2021 00:00:00,

Information is provisional and subject to modification

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