Coconut Grove Sailing Club | January 15-17, 2022

I-420s (28 boats)

Race 7
Race Information: Start Date/Time = January 15, 2022 00:00:00
Sail SkipperCrewClubPenalty Pts
156616Peter Foley Liam O'Keefe OUTFIT SAILING/ BBYC /0.00 1
257001Griggs Diemar Emery Diemar Coral Reef Yacht Club/ Coral Reef Yacht Club /0.00 2
356715KYRA PHELAN Timmy Gee SCYC/ HPC /0.00 3
457187Robert Ulmer Henry Allgeier LISOT/Belle Haven/ Hampton Yacht Club /0.00 4
556555William Kulas Grant Schmidt USSCMC/OUTFIT SAILING/ Outfit/USSCMC /0.00 5
655999Cole Woodworth Annabel Woodworth Pequot Yacht Club/LISOT/ Pequot Yacht Club/LISOT /0.00 6
756345Freddie Parkin Thomas Whidden Riverside YC/Coral Reef YC/LISOT/ Riverside Yacht Club Club/Lisot /0.00 7
855147Aidan Gurskis Kenzo Peraire High Performance Center/ High Performance Center /0.00 8
956652Alec Van Kerckhove Dylan Murphy HPC/ HPC /0.00 9
1056109Gavin Murphy Camille Stang HPC/ HPC /0.00 10
1155616Ian Lent Thomas Rice Black Rock YC/ Seawanhaka Corithian YC /0.00 11
1256975Samantha Hemans Michael Fineman ABYC/BCYC/StFYC/ /0.00 12
1355876Ash Raval Boris Bialer CGSC/LISOT/ CGSC/LISOT /0.00 13
1411Christopher Tang Joshua Goldberg HPC/ HPC /0.00 14
155612Helena Borcherding Violet Martin Belle Haven Club/ LISOT /0.00 15
1656973Samara Walshe Lillie Foster EYC/AYC/ American Yacht Club /0.00 16
1756949Sophia Devling Carmen Berg Balboa Yacht Club/ StFYC, SFYC, RYC /0.00 17
1856343Annabelle Brameld Tatem Gee HPC/ HPC /0.00 18
1956128Callie Hammond Ava Stevens Larchmont Yacht Club/LISOT/ Vineyard Haven Yacht Club/LISOT /0.00 19
2053655Mika Sternberg Ted Sherman DRYC/HPC/CYC/ /0.00 20
2156033Jack Murphy Sawyer Bastian High Perfomance Center/ High Perfomance Center /0.00 21
2254064Leo Robillard AJ Mckeon HPC/ Sausalito Yacht Club/ HPC /0.00 22
2356240Chase O’Malley Gavin Hudson One United/ Pleon Yacht Club /0.00 23
2456364Julian Kalehoff George Helme NYAC YC / LISOT/ IHYC /0.00 24
2556365Sadie Yoder Michelle Kaneti Larchmont Yacht Club / LISOT/ Larchmont YC /0.00 25
2656037Tomer Polak Caspar Lenz Anderson HPC/ High Performance Center /0.00 26
2755494Gabriela Collins Penelope Hall Larchmont Yatch Club/ Larchmont yatch Club /0.00 27
2856126Elizabeth Wire Tilden Coate USSCMC/Outfit Sailing/ USSCMC/Outfit Sailing DNC/0.00 29

Race Information: Start Date/Time = January 15, 2022 00:00:00,

Information is provisional and subject to modification

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