2022 Sunfish International Masters Championship
Clearwater Yacht Club | March 13-15, 2022

Sunfish (69 boats)

Race 7
Race Information: Start Date/Time = March 14, 2022 00:00:00
Sail SkipperClubDiv.Penalty Pts
111Doug Kaukeinen Rochester Canoe Club [Master] /0.00 1
276443Eugene Schmitt Bay Waveland Yacht Club [Apprentice Master] /0.00 2
381614Chris Carroll SSS [Master] /0.00 3
41717PaulJon Patin Sayville YC [Master] /0.00 4
581559Mike Ingham RCC/ SSS [Master] /0.00 5
65091Andy Beeckman Newport Harbor Yacht Club [Apprentice Master] /0.00 6
759541Richard Chapman Lake Bluff [Grand Master] /0.00 7
878829Dan Norton DLYC [Master] /0.00 8
960858Gail Heausler Davis Island Yacht Club [Grand Master] /0.00 9
1076356RONALD MCHENRY Pymatuntng Sailing Club [Great Grand Master] /0.00 10
1124603Dave Dunn Halifax Sailing Association [Grand Master] /0.00 11
12395Larry Schmitz mbyc [Grand Master] /0.00 12
13271joe blouin DIYC [Great Grand Master] /0.00 13
144752Jim Knab Rehoboth Bay SA [Grand Master] /0.00 14
1581574Ed Ruark DIYC [Grand Master] /0.00 15
1681715Charles Shipway Menemsha Yacht Club [Master] /0.00 16
172311Elaine Parshall Columbia Sailing Club [Grand Master] /0.00 17
1881501Stephen Szymanski CSC, Columbia Sailing Club [Master] /0.00 18
194875Paul Dierze Topsfield Yacht Club [Grand Master] /0.00 19
2081717Laura Jeffers None [Apprentice Master] /0.00 20
2166Laurence Mass CYC [Master] /0.00 21
225019Susan Tillman Berg Wawasee Yacht Club [Master] /0.00 22
235785Lee Parks Sarasota Sailing Squadron & Newport Yacht Club [Grand Master] /0.00 23
246Dominic Simonetti Sarasota Sailing Squadron [Master] /0.00 24
2541916Eric Eiffert Sarasota Sailing Squadron [Grand Master] /0.00 25
2681221Artur Zembowicz BCYC [Master] /0.00 26
277Jim Koehler South Bay Watersports Assc [Grand Master] /0.00 27
2881526David Krausz Columbia Sailing Club [Master] /0.00 28
2980547Libbie Tillman FitzGerald Wawasee YC [Master] /0.00 29
3075057LUIS OLIVEIRA Gulfstream Sailing Club [Grand Master] /0.00 30
314736Bob Slook Oriental Dinghy Club [Grand Master] /0.00 31
321955Arthur Haggerty Lake Bluff Yacht Club [Grand Master] /0.00 32
3357923Mike Fortner Rochester Canoe Club [Master] /0.00 33
3480361Gretchen Seymour Lake Bluff Yacht Club [Master] /0.00 34
3575417Tom Katterheinrich St Marys Boat Club [Great Grand Master] /0.00 35
3681984Marius Satas LBYC [Grand Master] /0.00 36
373727Pamela Treloar Davis Island [Grand Master] /0.00 37
3880588John Young Columbia Sailing Club [Great Grand Master] /0.00 38
3910164Lisa Brown Ehrhart Sarasota Sailing Squadron/ Fleet NEH [Master] /0.00 39
4070572Benjamin Simons Columbia Sailing Club, CSC [Apprentice Master] /0.00 40
41808Robert (Bob) Findlay SSS & LBYC [Grand Master] /0.00 41
425095Susan St.John Sarasota Sailing Squadron [Master] /0.00 42
4381022Lynne Randall Davis Island YC [Grand Master] /0.00 43
443930Janet Kreutzer Windlasses / Dunedin Boat Club, FL [Master] /0.00 44
4578394David Michals Lake BLuff Yacht Club [Grand Master] /0.00 45
4649333Chris Gates Melbourne Yacht Club [Great Grand Master] /0.00 46
475087Linda Leader Sarasota Sailing Squadron [Grand Master] /0.00 47
485020Philip Lange Rochester Canoe Club [Grand Master] /0.00 48
4978020Doug Warren Lake Bluff Yacht Club [Grand Master] /0.00 49
505090ROSEMARY MCMULLEN Sarasota Sailing Squadron [Grand Master] /0.00 50
5181498Joy Sheets Dunedin Boat Club [Grand Master] /0.00 51
5225508Carolyn Jelnicky Windlasses [Grand Master] /0.00 52
53110Louis Gordon Lake Bluff Yacht Club [Grand Master] RET/0.00 70
54346Jack Loving Gulfstream Sailing Club [Great Grand Master] RET/0.00 70
553806Bruce Kreutzer Dunedin Boat Club, FL [Grand Master] RET/0.00 70
564830Nancy Jaywork Rehoboth Bay Sailing Assoc. (RBSA) [Grand Master] RET/0.00 70
578450rita steele SSS [Great Grand Master] RET/0.00 70
5876098Tangi Bohlmann Windlass [Master] RET/0.00 70
5978274Charlie Cushing Davis Island Yacht Club [Great Grand Master] RET/0.00 70
6079407Donald Fritz Jolly Roger Sailing Club [Great Grand Master] RET/0.00 70
6180095Ann Carroll Bitter Ends [Senior Master] RET/0.00 70
6288810JUDITH LAZO Cooper River Yacht Club [Great Grand Master] RET/0.00 70
635069Sharon Williams Dunedin Boat Club [Grand Master] RET/0.00 70
6431486Greg Gust rcyc [Grand Master] DNS/0.00 70
6572548James Edwards Columbia Sailing Club [Great Grand Master] DNS/0.00 70
6673182Christine Russo Windlasses [Grand Master] DNS/0.00 70
6780367George Sechrist Blackbeard SC/FHYC [Senior Master] DNS/0.00 70
6880550Charlie Rahn Coconut Grove Sailing Club [Grand Master] DNS/0.00 70
6981605Dale Dunston Sarasota Sailing Squadron and Lake Placid Sunfish Fleet [Grand Master] DNS/0.00 70

Race Information: Start Date/Time = March 14, 2022 00:00:00,
Principal Race Officer: Rick Lillie

Information is provisional and subject to modification

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