Rainbow Regatta 2022
Dinghy Dames Sailing Club | April 04-05, 2022

Clearwater Prams, Division Clearwater Pram (17 boats)

Race 2
Race Information: Start Date/Time = April 04, 2022 11:15:00, Length (NM) = 1
Sail SkipperBoatClubDiv.Penalty Pts
1SS 2Susan Davidson Bad InfluenceSalty Sisters Clearwater Pram /0.00 1
2SS 3Nancy Kadau Salty Sisters Clearwater Pram /0.00 2
3DD 6Susan Foote Windlasses Clearwater Pram /0.00 4
4SS 1Els Wiemken Salty Sisters Clearwater Pram /0.00 5
5DD 8Gillian Whatmore Luffing Lassies Clearwater Pram /0.00 6
6DD 18Nancy Creedon Dinghy Dames Clearwater Pram /0.00 8
7DD 3Cathy McNally Bow Chasers Clearwater Pram /0.00 9
8DD 12Bijie Ding Broad Reachers Clearwater Pram /0.00 12
9DD 14KT Trudeau Broad Reachers Clearwater Pram /0.00 13
10DD 15Patti Chapin Dinghy Dames Clearwater Pram /0.00 14
11DD 16Christy Poorman Bow Chasers Clearwater Pram /0.00 15
12TYC 3Tiffany DeMarcay Mainsheet Mamas Clearwater Pram /0.00 16
13DD 4Katie Rodgers Broad Reachers Clearwater Pram /0.00 17
14DD 7Victoria McWilliams Dinghy Dames Clearwater Pram DNS/0.00 22
15DD 17Heidi Guerra GingerDinghy Dames Clearwater Pram DNC/0.00 22
16DD 2Audrey Orgo Broad Reachers Clearwater Pram DNC/0.00 22
17DD 1Juliette Clark Broad Reachers Clearwater Pram DNC/0.00 22

Race Information: Start Date/Time = April 04, 2022 11:15:00, Length (NM) = 1
Principal Race Officer: Donna Sue Marks

Information is final.

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