I420 Midwinters / 29er Midwinters East
Miami Yacht Club Youth Sailing Foundation | February 18-20, 2023

I420 (20 boats)

Race 8
Race Information: Start Date/Time = February 19, 2023 14:39:00
Sail SkipperCrewClubPenalty Pts
156128Callie Hammond Ava Stevens Larchmont Yacht Club/LISOT/ Vineyard Haven Yacht Club /0.00 1
255494Gabriela Collins Michelle Kaneti LISOT/Larchmont Yacht Club/ Larchmont Yacht Club /0.00 2
357262Robert Ulmer Annabel Woodorth LISOT/BHC/ LISOT/PYC /0.00 3
455619Katlia Sherman Ted Sherman HPC / California Yacht Club/ HPC / California Yacht Club /0.00 4
556341Richard Sykes Elle Sykes LISOT/ Riverside Yacht Club/ LISOT/ Riverside Yacht Club /0.00 5
65634Freddie Parkin Asher Beck Riverside YC/ LISOT /0.00 6
756279Ian Lent Elizabeth Wire Sail Black Rock Foundation/ US Sailing Center Martin County /0.00 7
8USA57002Helena Borcherding Violet Martin LISOT / Belle Haven Club/ LISOT / CGSC /0.00 8
95627Caroline Lent Madeleine Rice Sail Black Rock Foundation/ Seawanaka Corinthian Yacht Club /0.00 9
1056366Estella Morris Morgan Poskay LISOT/ TRYC/LISOT /0.00 10
1156364Melanie Lahrkamp Mollie Wood AYC, IHYC, LiSOT/ Ihyc,AYC, LISOT /0.00 11
1256109Gavin Murphy Tatem Gee HPC/ HPC /0.00 12
1356033Leo Robillard Sawyer Bastian HPC/ HPC /0.00 13
1455147Aidan Gurskis Kenzo Peraire HPC/ HPC /0.00 14
1553655Caleb Everett Jacky Murphy HPC/StFYC/BCYC/ HPC /0.00 15
1611Christopher Tang AJ Mckeon HPC/ HPC /0.00 16
1755876Ash Raval Aidan Weirich CGSC/ CGSC /0.00 17
1857003Glen Foster Marcos Rotella American Yacht Club/LISOT/ LISOT /0.00 18
1954068Blake Oberbauer Naomi Lowenthal HPC / SFYC/ HPC /0.00 19
20sui7Kai McCulloch Zack Wirth American Yacht Club/ LISOT/ American Yacht Club/LISOT /0.00 20

Race Information: Start Date/Time = February 19, 2023 14:39:00,
Principal Race Officer: Carol Ewing

Information is final.

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