MRYC Annual Junior Regatta
Miles River Yacht Club | August 10, 2023

C420, Division (23 boats)

Race 4
Race Information: Start Date/Time = August 10, 2023 00:00:00
Sail SkipperCrewClubPenalty Pts
17582Justinas Petkauskas Madeleine Garrett FBYC/ FBYC /0.00 1
27791Michael Yost Abby Nolan MRYC/ MRYC /0.00 2
31888Catherine Kammeier Charlotte MacDonald AYC/ AYC /0.00 3
47449Zach Wells Grace Wilcox WRSC/ WRSC /0.00 4
58440Scott Opert Molly Dowling WRSC/ WRSC /0.00 5
6880Fiona O'Rourke Isabella Del Castillo WRSC/ West River Sailing Club /0.00 6
79335Halsey Carter Gracie Houseman AYC/ AYC /0.00 7
85790Charles Geraghty Dylan Thomas SSA/ Severn Sailing Association /0.00 8
92747Sofia Cole McKenna Bridgeman SSA/ SSA /0.00 9
105825Lance Shrum Abby Wyman NERYC/ NERYC /0.00 10
116267Thomas Dent Ryan Mills AYC/ AYC /0.00 11
125463James Lewis Liam Chapman MRYC/ MRYC /0.00 12
135976Taylor Hainey Chase Green MRYC/ MRYC /0.00 13
143777Saoirse Taylor Nicholas Lesher MRYC/ MRYC DNF/0.00 14
151886James Biles V Pierson Teer AYC/ AYC OCS/0.00 14
16? MitchellElla Mitchell unknown unknown MYRC/ MYRC DNF/0.00 14
17? BordenEmma Borden McKenna Bridgman SSA/ SSA DNF/0.00 14
184Thomas Christiansen Bella Ford MRYC/ MRYC DNF/0.00 14
193160Kennedy Cooper Clover Long MRYC/ MRYC DNF/0.00 14
205063Marcus Kozlowski Allie Clark BCSC/SCC/ SCC DNF/0.00 14
217289Nathanial Wyman Annabelle Wootton NERYC/ NERYC DNF/0.00 14
228104Richard Nesti Heidi Nesti SSA/ SSA DNF/0.00 14
239181Parker Herman Louisa Kalinski SSA/TAYC/ TAYC DNF/0.00 14

Race Information: Start Date/Time = August 10, 2023 00:00:00,

Information is provisional and subject to modification

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