KONA Windsurf World Championship - FINAL RESULTS
Miami Yacht Club | November 02-07, 2010

Ladies-Light Medium-Medium-Heavy Weight Division (68 boats)

Race 11
Race Information: Start Date/Time = November 02, 2010 00:00:00
PosSail SkipperClubDiv.Penalty Pts
11298Adam Holm GSK Light Medium Weight /0.00 1
21284Juliano Scalabrin Crocodiles de l'elorn Light Medium Weight /0.00 2
31230DENNIS WINSTANLEY YA 565286 Medium Weight /0.00 3
41337Stuart Gilbert Manly 16ft Skiff Sailing Club Heavy Weight /0.00 4
51288Dominique Vallee multivoile Ladies /0.00 5
61225Mark Zuteck Clear Lake Shores Sailing Association Light Medium Weight /0.00 6
71344Carl Sjoberg VASS Heavy Weight /0.00 7
81251Björn Holm KSSS Medium Weight /0.00 8
91313Britt Viehmen Sagelklubb Medium Weight /0.00 9
101339GREG Johns Dobroyd Auatic Club Heavy Weight /0.00 10
111247Rainer Frohböse Windsurfing Club Hamburg Medium Weight /0.00 11
121214Joachim Larsson MSS Medium Weight /0.00 12
131267Erik Bertilsson KKKK Light Medium Weight /0.00 13
141342steve gottlieb none Heavy Weight /0.00 14
151249Hans Nyström KSSS Light Medium Weight /0.00 15
161265ulf Antonsson varberg ss Light Medium Weight /0.00 16
171254HELENE ANDREATTA CNL Ladies /0.00 17
181329Jesper Schmidt Vedbæk Heavy Weight /0.00 18
191223Anders Gothberg Lerums SS Light Medium Weight /0.00 19
201246Niklas Gothberg Lerums SS Light Medium Weight /0.00 20
211258Andreas Knoop Less Light Medium Weight /0.00 21
221346Ulf Jentler Osterskar vattenklubb Heavy Weight /0.00 22
231257Eric Gonzalez NONE Medium Weight /0.00 23
241294Jean Sebastian Fugere Viehmen Sagelklubb Light Medium Weight /0.00 24
251297Allan Koch Nivå Bådelaug / KDY Medium Weight /0.00 25
261252Christopher Waldo Clearwater Community Sailing Light Medium Weight /0.00 26
271277Steen Buck Hansen Miami YC Light Medium Weight /0.00 27
281271Thomas Theodore (Ted) Schweitzer Grand Traverse Yacht Club Medium Weight /0.00 28
291250Baumann Christian djursholms segelklubb Light Medium Weight /0.00 29
30462Folger Forsén dsk Light Medium Weight /0.00 30
311315Kajsa Larsson MSS Ladies /0.00 31
321279Brian Kamilar Coral Reef Yacht Club Light Medium Weight /0.00 32
331242Justin Ahearn CCSC Medium Weight /0.00 33
341343Björn Jareblad MSSS Heavy Weight /0.00 34
351305Andree Gauthier Toronto Windsurfing Club Ladies /0.00 35
361341Karen Marriott Sagelklubb Ladies /0.00 36
371335Simon Jones N/A Heavy Weight /0.00 37
381327Michael Rayl None Heavy Weight /0.00 38
391333Brad Woodworth Northwest Ontario Windsurfing Club Heavy Weight /0.00 39
401289Fanny Baumann djursholms segelklubb Ladies /0.00 40
41421Steve Campbell N/A Light Medium Weight /0.00 41
421345Johan Fallenius Djursholms Segelsällskap Heavy Weight DNF4/0.00 69
431340Pavel Matousek NW Ontario Windsurf (NOW) Heavy Weight DNF4/0.00 69
441338Andrew Divola Manly 16 Skiff Club Heavy Weight DNF4/0.00 69
451336George Kokolis Seabrook Sailing Club Heavy Weight DNF4/0.00 69
461332Benjamin Asberg LESS Lerum SegelSallskap Heavy Weight DNF4/0.00 69
471330Christer Larsson Motala SS Heavy Weight DNF4/0.00 69
481328Steve Callaway University of Iowa Sailing Club Heavy Weight DNF4/0.00 69
491310Gustav Groth KSSS Heavy Weight DNF4/0.00 69
501302Doug Waldo Clearwter Community Sailing Light Medium Weight DNF4/0.00 69
511300John Karnblad LESS Medium Weight DNF4/0.00 69
521299John Darling Toronto Windsurfing Club Medium Weight DNF4/0.00 69
531285Peter Asberg LESS Lerum SegelSallskap Medium Weight DNF4/0.00 69
541282Chris Coulon Velas y Vientos Calima Medium Weight DNF4/0.00 69
551280Oskar Karnblad LESS Light Medium Weight DNF4/0.00 69
561274Margot Samson Clearwater Community Sailing Center Ladies DNF4/0.00 69
571269Larry Miller GLYC Medium Weight DNF4/0.00 69
58NSvitasse olivier Neptune club la ciotat Medium Weight DNS4/0.00 69
590000Kathleen Tocke NYYC, Buffalo Canoe Club Ladies DNS4/0.00 69
60NSmark frary Sebrook Sailing Club Heavy Weight DNS4/0.00 69
610000Augie Diaz Corla Reef Yacht Club/Coconut Grove Sailing Club Medium Weight DNS4/0.00 69
621221Joe Marotti N/A Light Medium Weight DNF4/0.00 69
631229Manuela Buch Windsurfing Club Hamburg Ladies DNS4/0.00 69
641268Denis Dagenais Britannia Yacht Club Medium Weight DNS4/0.00 69
651259Hauk Larsen Wahl Seabrook Sailing Club Medium Weight DNS4/0.00 69
661226Julie Gendron Multivoile 4 saisons Ladies DNS4/0.00 69
671224bruce matlack manatee sailing assn Light Medium Weight DNS4/0.00 69
681222Elena Marotti N/A Ladies DNS4/0.00 69

Race Information: Start Date/Time = November 02, 2010 00:00:00,
Principal Race Officer: TBD

Information is final.

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