Florida Laser Masters Championship
Palm Beach Sailing Club | February 12-13, 2011

Laser (58 boats)

Race 1
Race Information: Start Date/Time = February 12, 2011 00:00:00
PosSail SkipperClubDiv.Penalty Pts
1195495JOHN BERTRAND St. Francis Yacht Club Master /0.00 1
217Ernesto Rodriguez na Apprentice Master /0.00 2
3195425Peter Shope Sail Newport Master /0.00 3
4187978Vilhelm Roberts Lauderdale Yacht Club Master /0.00 4
5189811Peter Seidenberg Sail Newport Great Grand Master /0.00 5
6183898charlie buckingham NHYC Master /0.00 6
7173988Jorge Abreu Caribbean Sailing Center Cabarete Grand Master /0.00 7
8182280Otto Strandvig Polyteknisk Master /0.00 8
9193281Mike matan cedar Point Yacht Club Master /0.00 9
10198661Bill Symes Willamette Sailing Club Grand Master /0.00 10
11199138John MacCausland Cooper River YC Master /0.00 11
12195428Lindsay Hewitt Cold Spring Hbr Beach Club Great Grand Master /0.00 12
13190288Dick Tillman Melbourne YC Great Grand Master /0.00 13
14199142Newt Wattis Surf City Yacht Club Great Grand Master /0.00 14
15180079Leigh Savage Crescent Sail YC Master /0.00 15
16187717Erick Rodriguez none Apprentice Master /0.00 16
17171012Randall Rea none Master /0.00 17
18194253David Hartman na Great Grand Master /0.00 18
19176985Donald Hahl Brant Beach YC Grand Master /0.00 19
20175529Paul Wurtzebach chicago corinthian Great Grand Master /0.00 20
21181131Buzzy Heausler DIYC Master /0.00 21
22199139Mike Hecky Riverton YC Master /0.00 22
23190435Halsey Bullen Cedar Point Yacht Club Great Grand Master /0.00 23
2429190Carsten Jungclaussen OSV Master /0.00 24
25180050Alden Shattuck Severn Sailing Association Grand Master /0.00 25
26161100David Frazier FBYC Essex CT Grand Master /0.00 26
27181839Michelle Davis Coconut Grove Sailing Center Apprentice Master /0.00 27
28179465Ched Proctor Cedar Point Yacht Club Grand Master /0.00 28
29198028Jacques Kerrest McLean Grand Master /0.00 29
30154095Luis Barrios Barrios Luis Grand Master /0.00 30
31196120Thomas LaBelle Les Cheneaux Yacht Club Master /0.00 31
32191963David Hillmyer Sarasota Sailing Squadron Apprentice Master /0.00 32
33170052Gerry Giffin Chester Yacht Club Master /0.00 33
34189774Finn Hassing Oriental Dinghy Club Great Grand Master /0.00 34
35166118William Shirley Dimsum Racing Master /0.00 35
36181113Len Guenther Fishing Bay YC Master /0.00 36
37178857Adam Glass Severn Sailing Association Grand Master /0.00 37
38189701Jack Pearce Barrie Yacht Club Great Grand Master /0.00 38
3942647Darren Cooke Fort Walton YC Apprentice Master DNF/0.00 59
4066444David Nichols Columbia Sailing Club Great Grand Master DNF/0.00 59
41105583James Stanley Outer Harbor Centerboard Club Master DNF/0.00 59
42133827Eric Aker NA Grand Master DNF/0.00 59
43138970Chuck Cairnes PBSC Great Grand Master DNF/0.00 59
44156522Robert Peckham flotilla Master DNF/0.00 59
45158648Robert Voeller USSCMC Master DNF/0.00 59
46177021Britt Drake Maurice River Yacht Club Great Grand Master DNF/0.00 59
47177134John Coffey Milford Yacht Club Grand Master DNF/0.00 59
48184547Eric Robbins Davis Island YC Grand Master DNF/0.00 59
49189713Jean-Pierre Kiekens Venture Sailing Pointe-Claire Master DNF/0.00 59
50190474Donna Steele Sarasota Sailing Squadron Apprentice Master DNF/0.00 59
51191467Jeff DuVal University of Florida Sailing Team Apprentice Master DNF/0.00 59
52191911edward rickard cedar point yc Great Grand Master DNF/0.00 59
53192057John McNally PBSC Master DNF/0.00 59
54193290Hollis Caffee none Great Grand Master DNF/0.00 59
55194547Jeffrey Caruso Annapolis Yacht Club and Severn Sailing Master DNF/0.00 59
56196023Bob Tan SSA Master DNF/0.00 59
57173634Donald Woodworth northport YC Great Grand Master DNC/0.00 59
58181167John Clark Melbourne Yacht Club Great Grand Master DNC/0.00 59

Race Information: Start Date/Time = February 12, 2011 00:00:00,
Principal Race Officer: Bobbie Leek

Information is provisional and subject to modification

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